Slender is Getting a Sequel

-Jimmy Kovalski

If you have not played the game Slender: The Eight Pages by now then there is something terribly wrong with you. The free to play game based on The Slender Man has captivated and scared the living crap out of gamers from around the world and has also become quite the internet sensation. Well I have some good news for you. It is getting an official sequel.

Mark Hadley, who designed the game, has announced that in a joint effort with Blue Isle Studios, he is making a follow-up called Slender: The Arrival. A teaser website for the game shows a couple of screenshots while stating that the next game will be “even more terrifying” than the original, with “more levels,vastly improved visuals, and an engaging storyline.” It also says that the game is going to be a commercial release, so you will in all likely-hood, have to pay to play this one.

Below are the first screenshots:

While these screen don’t show much, you should definitely be getting excited for this game. Stay subscribed to GGN for all your Slender Man news.