Some Big Changes Regarding Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

-Marcus Lawrence

Besides a different developer and setting, there is one thing in particular that sets Black Ops apart from Modern Warfare. The Undead that populates Black Ops’ Zombies mode is that thing and what started out as an unlockable treat in World at War, soon flourished into a big hit. Well, with Black Ops 2, that hit gets even bigger with the Zombies campaign.

Yes that’s right… Black Ops 2 features a Zombies campaign mode. Titled as Tranzit, up to four players can experience the biggest world that Treyarch has ever made for Zombies. So, what does one do in Tranzit? It’s quite simple really: the goal is to kill every zombie that gets in your way as you travel between different locations. You and your team clear out the hordes of zombies before switching locations but not like as if you cleared a level. Traveling to different locations requires you to proceed on foot or via bus. Now, whether or not players will have control over the bus has yet to be announced but it looks like the zombies can attack the bus even as it is on the move. So far, all the trailer suggests is that you will be defending yourself and surviving between survival spots.

Treyarch is also introducing “buildables” in Tranzit. Treyarch describes buildables as elements that can be put together to do certain things like building weapons or even opening a new part of the world. For those of you wondering on how the campaign may end, we don’t have an answer for you at the moment. Treyarch is keeping a tight lip on what could happen, so fans will have to keep on guessing.

Survival mode is also returning for a third run and the maps will probably feature locations from the Tranzit mode. Players can either go solo or grab three other friends to build fortifications and hold off the undead for as long as possible. I count a total of two modes in which players can take on zombies but a third option is available for those that don’t want to play cooperatively. “Grief” or as the team at Treyarch likes to call it, “4z4”, will be making a first time appearance in Black Ops 2.

Unlike Tranzit or the survival mode, Grief pits two teams of four against each other. While this may sound simple, here is where things get different. During this mode, you can’t shoot the enemy team but must have the other element do your dirty work for you. This element I speak of is none other than the zombies that roam the map. All that we know at the moment is that players have to “grief” one another in order for the zombies to do what they do best. Sadly, Treyarch isn’t giving out any information on what “grief” is supposed to mean. Guess we’ll have to wait till November to find out.

Another new addition to Zombies is the ability to make custom games in any of the three modes. So if you want to make a headshots only gametype, free feel to do so. Of course, there will be other ways to tweak the rules in the three modes.

Zombies is stacking up real nicely, even compared to the campaign and multiplayer with its three modes and ability to change up the rules of said modes. Treyarch has obviously been listening to the feedback of the fans and it shows tremendously. While I was skeptic on purchasing Black Ops 2 before, Zombies now gives me a reason to pick this up on day one!