Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Retro Review


Sonic Team/Sega Technical Institute




Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, Xbox 360(XBLA), PC, Virtual Console(Wii) iOS(iPhone/iTouch), PSN(PS3)

Release Date(s):

Sega Genesis: November 24, 1992

Virtual Console: June 19, 2007

XBLA: September 12, 2007

iOS: April 20, 2010




Single, Local/Online


E (For everyone)

-Marcus Lawrence

Dr. Robotnik strikes again and Tails joins Sonic for the first time

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 came out one year after the original and by that time, the name “Sonic” had reached the ears of people around the world. This title sold over 6 million copies which made it the second most popular game on the Genesis. The only reason for it being second best is because of its predecessor and the 15 million copies it sold. This sequel not only improved on the gameplay and visuals of the original but also introduced gamers to Sonic’s sidekick, Miles “Tails” Prower.

After being defeated by Sonic, Dr. Robotnik plans to once again take over the world. With his army of robots and machines designed to crush Sonic, Dr. Robotnik needs the Chaos Emeralds more than ever; he wants to construct a high tech, super-powered space station called The Death Egg. Sonic befriends the two tailed fox and together, they plan to collect the Chaos Emeralds and stop the mad doctor’s plans.

Sonic and Tails must race across 11 different zones, each with two acts, before they reach the final battle. The first 7 zones have two acts each, the eighth zone has three acts and the final three have one act apiece. At the end of each final act, players must fight Dr. Robotnik in one of his creations before moving on. This helps makes the game even bigger than the original. The way you play remains the same; players must guide the two heroes by avoiding traps, timed jumps and using speed. Along the way, players will run into plenty of enemies and there are two ways of dealing with them. By making Sonic jump and curl into a ball, players can destroy the robots that way or by making good use of the new Spin Dash move. Spin Dash allows Sonic and Tails to spin in one spot then at the release of a button, they blast off and destroy whatever enemy is in the way. This is also good for escaping traps quickly.

Now, for those players that want to receive the good ending and to get a teaser about the sequel, you must collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds. It’s almost the same has the original Sonic but with a twist; instead of holding 50 rings till the end of the act, players must find a checkpoint and jump through the portal. A portal will only be created if the player is carrying a minimum of 50 rings. Once inside the special zone, players might notice a difference in the layout. Instead of the tilted level like in the last game, this one features a half pipe that Sonic and Tails must run along. Only way to get the Chaos Emerald at the end is to collect the required amount of rings before reaching the end. Oh and once all 7 are collected, players will be able to transform into the debuting Super Sonic.

Since I’ve been playing this on both my Genesis and 360 back to back, I feel confident that this port over is a splitting image of the original. It even feels the same and to think that this game is about 20 years old. The only flaw with this title is the versus mode. For the Genesis, the screen for both players is really condensed and not to mention the noticeable slowdown that affects the gamer. As for the Xbox 360, I couldn’t even try because no one seems to be populating the Sonic 2 community.


  • Well done port over of the classic game
  • Gameplay is still enjoyable, even with the age of time
  • Fun for retro gamers and newbies alike


  • Versus mode is clustered; no games to join anyway

Even with the lack of online play, gamers can still enjoy this timeless classic whenever they want. Since Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is available for download on multiple consoles and affordable, there’s no reason to not give this game a chance. Experience what made Sonic such a hit and why there is still a huge fan base.

Verdict: 90%

Sonic The Hedgehog 2- Chemical Plant Zone

Marcus brings yet another Sonic game into the fold. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is still considered one of the best games to ever been made. Would any of you agree?