Sonic The Hedgehog Retro Review


Sonic Team




Mega Drive(Genesis), XBLA(Xbox 360), Virtual Console(Wii), iOS(iPhone/iTouch), Windows(PC)

Release Date(s):

Mega Drive(Genesis): June 23, 1991

XBLA(Xbox 360): July 11, 2007

Virtual Console(Wii): November 19, 2006

iOS(iPhone/iTouch): December 18, 2007

Windows(PC): October 6, 2010






E (Comic Mischief)

-Marcus Lawrence

The very first Sonic game that started it all!

Take a moment to forget about Sonic Generations, Sonic and the White Knight and even Sonic Unleashed. Think back to the Sega Genesis days where 16-bit games were kings among other games. Now… remember Sonic? I’m sure many people, including older gamers, remember how Sonic used to be called Rocket Sonic. If you aren’t being filled with sweet memories of your childhood by now, I suggest you look into that. Sonic The Hedgehog was the game that gave Sega their fast running mascot.

The premise of the plot is bare at best; Sonic must collect all of the Chaos Emeralds before the evil Dr. Robotnik can. No race to save a space station, no transforming into a werehog, just pure and simple platforming with the world’s fastest hedgehog. As the player guides Sonic through seven zones filled with traps, deadly enemies and boss fights, they must concentrate on keeping those reflexes sharp. Unlike the rest of the Sonic games, this one doesn’t feature a spin dash move. At first you might not think this is a problem but when you can’t quickly get away from a pillar ready to squish you, then you will see it’s all about timing.

For most of the game, combining both speed and precise timing is the key to making it through each zone. There are a lot of cheap tricks thrown in your path which equals a lot of cheap deaths as well. Hence why those reflexes will come in handy. Playing it smart is also good for when players must deal with the enemies; defeating enemies means to jump on them. As for the boss fights, a bit of thinking is required. Charging in head on might often lead to a loss of a life or two. For those that think they could just collect more lives, it’s a bit harder than that. You must either accumulate 100 rings or find hidden lives scattered in the zones.

Now, if the player wants to get the good end sequence at the end of the game and a tease for the sequel, all 6 Chaos Emeralds must be collected before you fight the final boss. By collecting 50 rings and holding onto those rings till the end of the act, a giant ring will appear. Simply making Sonic jump through the ring teleports him to the special zone. Here, players must navigate through the zone and avoid the exit signs until obtain the Chaos Emerald. These stages can be hard but with patience and a little bit of luck, those Chaos Emeralds will be yours.


  • Retro feel that captures nostalgia
  • Xbox 360 version is a mirror image to the original version
  • Gameplay is still as good as ever


  • No spin dash feature

Even though this title is 21 years old, it is still one of the greatest games I’ve played in my life. You just don’t forget about the games you grew up on because there are newer consoles out. Sonic The Hedgehog is perfect for anyone who grew up with Sonic. Even those who haven’t should download this game whenever they have the chance. I mean come on…when a game is so popular that it pretty much out beats the competition by itself, you know it had to be good.

Verdict: 90%

Sonic The Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone Gameplay

Marcus seems to be on a roll with the Sonic games and he’s taking it all the way back to the origins. Many gamers have probably experienced why the original is held in such high regards. If you haven’t played this title before or even if you have, would you download it to play it again?