Sony E3 Press Conference

Sony certainly knocked it out of the park this year.  With several announcements and gameplay for many exciting games, it wasn’t difficult to stay interested.

The first company to open this year was Quantic Dream.  You may remember them from a little game called Heavy Rain.  Well, they’re back with a game titled Beyond: Two Souls.  “Death is the biggest mystery of mankind.  What will happen after we die is something that no one knows,” says Quantic Dream’s founder, David Cage.  In this game, you play as Jodie Holms and you follow her as she develops and discovers “what’s beyond.”  Quantic Dream was excited to anounce that acadamy award nominee Ellen Page is going playing Jodie and that she has done it masterfully. 

They followed with a video of a bald Jodie being interviewed by a police officer.  She doesn’t talk but it’s obvious she is uncomfortable.  When the officer begins to ask more probing questions,  a coffee cup flies across the room and shatters and the officer politely excuses himself. Jodie then answers a someone that doesn’t appear to be there. “I know… they’re coming.”  We then see that a fully-armed S.W.A.T. team has come to take her.  The video fades into a montage of the game.  There are helicopters crashing, Jodie jumping off a train with what appears to be a force field around her, Jodie threatening to kill everyone, and a mysterious “Ivan” whom Jodie speaks to before limping away.

David Cage exits with a simple statement:  “If you make the right decisions, maybe you will discover what lies beyond.”

Based on what we saw, the facial animation is just as amazing as we’d expect from a Quantic Dream game.  The downside to this presentation was that there was no gameplay.  It appears that Jodie may have some kind of telekinetic powers but who knows how that will factor in to the game.  Either way, EWG is definitely excited to see more of Beyond: Two Souls.

The next game Sony introduced was Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.  They show an introduction with characters like Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, and Parappa the Rapper and announce that it will be available for PSVita and will be cross compatible with the PS3.  They move into a gamplay demo with Kratos and Sweet Tooth playing on the PS3 and Fat Princess and Sly Cooper playing on the VITA.

Kratos and Fat Princess are melee characters, Sweet-Tooth lays mines and does attacks with shotguns, and Sly cooper is a stealth-based character.  The gameplay is similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl but each character can build up Supers by damaging other players.  Then, based on how long you wait to use those Supers, they can level up to become stronger.  We were able to see all three levels of supers.  Provided that you use them at the right time, you can a whole bunch of kills.

Another feature is interactive backgrounds.  The game was being played in the Metropolis area from the Ratchet and Clank games however, in the middle of the match, the Hydra from the first God of War game popped up in the background.  Along with fighting each other, the players had to avoid the attacks from the hydra.  Unfortunately, a few of them stopped paying attention to it and got eaten.  In the end, Fat Princess won the match.

At the end of the All-Stars presentation, two more characters were announced.  Nathan Drake will be joining the cast as well as a Bid Daddy from the Bioshock franchise.  We heard a little sister say “Mr. Bubbles!” so that might be giving us a hint towards a little sister being a support character for the Big Daddy. 

This game is compatible with the cross-save feature for the PS3 and Vita.  You’ll be able to play on your PS3 and then take it with you on your Vita

Next, Ubisoft came up and showed us some exclusive stuff for both the PSVita and the console versions of Assassin’s Creed 3.  The console version will also integrate a battle in the ocean.  Playing as Connor, you will have full control of both the navigation and the cannons.  You will have to navigate your way through the ocean where weather systems can change at any minute.  They then showed us a demo of a fight with two other ships.  This will definitely be a very cool addition to the game.  **There will be a Ps3 bundle with Assassin’s Creed.

Next, Sony announced a whole new product called Wonderbook.Wonderbook is a book that will be able to interface with the Playstation Eye to make an augmented reality.  Their first title will be a game that J.K. Rowling wrote all new material for called Book of Spells.   While playing, you will use your Playstation Move as a wand and the Wonderbook as a spell book.  You will learn classic Harry Potter spells and use them throughout different levels.  This will be the first of many books for the Wonderbook and it is definitely a good start!  It looks like a great time for Harry Potter fans of all ages.

Next was a gameplay demo of God of War: Ascension. Kratos is back slinging his chain-swords and ripping off the heads of enemies.  In this demo we saw Kratos fighting hordes of enemies while avoiding a  huge sea monster.  Along with the classic button-smashing, mini-game kills, and wall climbing, it appears they have integrated a few new powers like slowing and reversing time and hitting the ground to create a ring of fire.   This is sure to keep true to its predecessors and deliver a brutal game with buckets of blood.

Last but definitely not least was: The Last of Us. This demo blew us away.  Naughty Dog brought us Joel, a brutal survivor, and Ellie, a young teenager.  The two must work together to navigate across a post-apocalyptic world that has been reclaimed by nature. The two are walking throughout the world when they come across some men in an old hotel.   You  must sneak, dive, and take down enemies.  You can shoot, disarm, make Molotov cocktails, and use your enemies as meat shields.  This game looks fantastic and we are all excited to see more.

A few other note-worthy announcements included:

200+ digital downloads coming to PSN over the next 12 months, PS Plus members will be gaining access to more games like Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2, and Saints Row 2.

There will be a DLC Cross-controller for Little Big Planet.  You’ll be able to play simultaneously on PS3 and Vita.  This will also unlock new story modes, costumes, decorations, and objects.  Far Cry 3 will have a 4-player co-op.

 HTC will be partnering with Sony to bring you Playstation Mobile games

60 new vita-exclusive titles like Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassifed will be coming.

 -Phoenix Ti Robbins