Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review



Griptonite Games (Nintendo DS)




PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS

Release Date(s):

PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS: September 7, 2010

PC: November 25, 2010


Action-Adventure Platformer, Stealth




T (Violence)

-Marcus Lawrence

Four alternate spideys join together to fight the forces of evil

Hey there Webcrawlers and welcome to this spidey themed review! Sorry, I had to do it at least once, so its best that I got it out the way. As we all know, Spider-Man hasn’t had the greatest luck with videogames and the last good one was probably Spider-Man 2 for the PS2. So will Shattered Dimensions change that streak? Read on to find out true believers!!!

Masters of Illusions, Mysterio, attempts to steal a powerful artifact known as The Tablet of Order and Chaos but is stopped by Spider-Man. During their fight, the tablet is accidently broken and Mysterio escapes with a piece of the tablet. Madame Web comes to inform Spider-Man that all of the dimensions are in danger. She enlists the help of three other Spider-Men across the broken dimensions: Miguel O’Hara from the Spider-man 2099 universe, a past Peter Parker from Spider-Man Noir realm and finally the alternate reality Peter Parker from Ultimate Spider-Man. With these four Spider-Men, they set out to save their worlds from Mysterio.

Shattered Dimensions is a classic style beat em’ up, requiring that you go from point A to B, defeating enemies along the way. At the end of each stage is a boss that must be beaten in order to proceed. So what makes these four heroes so different? To be honest, not much at all. Besides the environment and the suits they wear, each of them plays the same with the exception of Noir. Though to be fair, there are some differences between them. Spider-Man 2099 has what is called Accelerated Vision and it slows time down, allowing you to beat enemies faster or to get past traps. Ultimate Spider-Man is equipped with the Black Symbiote suit, giving him the Rage Mode. Rage Mode powers up his attack and can clear a room in a matter of seconds. And Amazing Spider-Man plays like the rest, though his moves often make use of the webbing.

Out of all the Spider-Men, Noir Spider-Man plays completely different. Focusing on stealth based gameplay; Spider-Man has to stick to the shadows in order to succeed. And when he does come across enemies, he has the Takedown option. These are ways to defeat an enemy without raising alarms or being spotted. The more enemies you take down and emblems you collect, the easier it is to level the Spider-Men up. New combos, increased health and other upgrades are available, giving you everything needed to make a well-rounded Spidey.

I don’t like that all of the Spider-Men play the same way with the exception of Noir. Personally, I was expecting that if it was going to be four different heroes, it would be four different ways of playing. I really enjoy the boss fights and how interesting they are. When fighting various super villains from their respected dimension, players will have to think about how to approach them. Eventually when you do enough damage, you go into a First Person view, delivering punches and hooks, much like in EA’s Fight Night titles.

Graphically, this game is well done. Each dimension captures the feel of that timeline. Amazing Spider-Man has that comic book feel, Ultimate has a cel-shaded look that goes well, Spider-Man 2099’s futuristic surroundings are totally different from the rest and Noir’s realm is that dark and gritty essence that can only be found in old school movies. Of course the soundtrack of Shattered Dimensions is everything a superhero could ask for.


  • Easy to learn gameplay
  • Each boss fight is fun and unique
  • The Noir levels are a real treat.


  • The levels do get repetitive later on
  • Besides Noir, each spidey plays out almost the same save for minor differences

So is Shattered Dimensions that step forward that Spider-Man needs? Yes and no, mostly because I know more can be done with Spider-Man. Don’t get me wrong, Shattered Dimensions is a good game. From the amazing boss fights, pin point accuracy of capturing that feel of Spider-Man and his wisecracking joke, and even down to the way the game looks. Just improve upon the combat and other tweaks and I’m sure that Spider-Man could even rival Batman in videogames.

Verdict: 75%

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions- Launch Trailer

Spider-Man has the potential to make really great games, it just hasn’t been tapped yet. Even with the new Amazing Spider-Man title coming soon, do you think the Web-Slinger has a chance to do what Arkham has done for Batman?