Star Wars: First Assault Heading To XBLA

-Jimmy Kovalski

Back in August, a trademark and domain for Star Wars First Assault emerged but little was known as to what it meant. Today we now have a little more information on the topic. Star Wars: First Assault’s cover-art has been spotted by the NeoGAF forums.Cover art for the game is currently hosted on and displays the “Arcade” banner, confirming that the game will come to Microsoft’s platform at some point in the future.

LucasArts did comment on this story but didn’t say much. They stated: “It is an exciting time at our company right now, however we don’t have any announcements at this time.”

At this time we have no more information for you. Is this a shooter? a RPG? is it exclusive to XLBA? We have no clue but will report on it as news become available.