State of Decay Announced for XBOX LIVE and PC

-Josh Nicholes

It’s no surprise that with all of the big zombie craze going around lately and the huge success of games like ARMA II’s DayZ mod, that developers want to try their hand at the idea. With that being said, Undead Labs has announced “State Of Decay”. Their new game, formerly known as Class3, is set to release on Xbox Live and PC with a release date yet to be determined.

SoD is set to be an open-world sandbox game based around survival in a zombie-ridden world where the player can shape the world based on their decisions that they make in-game. You must decide where you will hold up for the night, where you should look for supplies, and rescue other playable characters whose talents may provide useful. Sadly, no multiplayer announcements have been made. However, with no release date set, there is still hope to survive the zombie pandemic with your friends.