Super Hexagon Review

Developer: Terry Cavanaugh

Publisher: N/A

Console(s): PC, iOS, Android 

Release Date:

iOS: September 2012

PC/Steam: November 2012

Android: Coming Soon

Players: Single

-Samer Farag

Dodge left. Dodge right. 360 spin. Dodge right again. Oh man, okay, right right right left left no no no no AGH! 

I slam my hands against my keyboard. I had only gone 25 seconds before getting a game over.

Then I hit space and try again.

The game I’m playing is Super Hexagon. As of this writing, I’ve played it for 13 hours total. It has crushed me repeatedly. This is a game without mercy. But it is also one of the best that I’ve played this year.

Super Hexagon is a hard game to describe in words. The objective of the game is to dodge obstacles. That’s it. Do so for as long as you can.

This is much easier said than done.

The video above explains why this is the case. It also shows everything there is to the game. Super Hexagon, as I mentioned before, is absolutely brutal. The default difficulty is labled “hard.” Its most difficult is “hardestestest.” It does not play around, nor does it coddle you. My first playthrough on hard mode only lasted 6 seconds. My second, 10.

You may wonder why I’d submit myself to this. My friends wondered the same. “Samurai, that doesn’t look fun at all.” And to be honest, at first, it isn’t.

But then you get better, and better, and better. One of my most satisfying gaming moments of this year would be hitting 197 seconds on hard mode in Super Hexagon. Every 60 seconds, the game gets faster and faster, the shapes harder to recognize and dodge. By 120 seconds, I was so focused on the game that I knocked a water bottle over and didn’t notice until I hit a wall.

Super Hexagon is difficult, but it rewards dedication and practice. What at first seems to be an impossible to recognize blur of shapes that you must surpass, turns into recognizable patterns that become a breeze. This is a game in which every second you gain is one that you’ve earned.

It helps that its so easy to get sucked into “the zone,” if you will. The combination of contrasting colors, minimal style, smooth 60 frames, and bumping chiptunes, move you into synesthetic moments that allow you to completely absorb yourself in the game, timing your movements with the music and constant pulse of the hexagon that you rotate around.

This is also a game of competition. I was able to convince a few of my friends to get the game as well, and soon we were boasting about beaten records and unlocked  difficulty levels. The competition is part of the fun…excluding the online leaderboards, that is. If you wish to enjoy this game in any way, do not acknowledge those scores. They are simply ludicrous.

Super Hexagon is, essentially, a videogame in its most pure form. The gameplay is simple, but allows for a great variety of movement. There is no story. There are no explanations. You press go, and then you go. This is what makes the game so enjoyable, so addictive, and one of my favorite games of the year.


  • Addictive
  • Simple
  • Great Music


  • This game is hard.

Final Verdict: 10/10