Supervillians Killer Frost and Ares Appear in Injustice

Posted By: Marcus Lawrence(@GGNMugen) 


With Injustice only a mere 10 days away, fighting game and DC fans everywhere are excited to get their hands on it. We now have two new playable characters to look forward to trying out April 16.

Killer Frost might ring a bell to some of the DC comic fans seeing how she took on various superheroes at one point or another. As you can guess by her name, her powers revolve around ice and her ability to manipulate ice across her body or as a projectile.

Ares is an adversary to Wonder Woman and the modern god of war. Some of his powers include having control over the dead, extraordinary strength and the ability to heal his wounds if bloodshed, violence or mayhem takes place near him.

You can find both characters in the third row on the right.

Will any of these powers make it into the duo’s move lists? Quite possibly especially with the great job NetherRealm has done thus far.

Injustice: Gods Among Us arrives for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U April 16.