Supporting the Smaller Game Titles

-Eric Lee Lewis

2011 was a year of huge game licenses with the number 2 or 3 tacked onto the end of the game titles. While these games, for the most part, sold well a lot of new IPs (Intellectual Properties) were left on store shelves. Of course, every year we get a new Call of Duty game or a new Assassin’s Creed title, new games like Shadows of the Damned come and go. 

I use Shadows of the Damned as an example because it was honestly a good game. As with most Japanese games though, these games are not well followed and/or bought in America. Shadows of the Damned sold only 24,000 copies worldwide. While most casual gamers may not see a problem with this number, a hardcore gamer realizes that this is a remarkably low number for game sales.

Not only did a great game like Shadows of the Damned fail in the American market, another game called El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron sold only 96,000 copies. These numbers are incredibly low, especially when compared to games that are releases from the western game developers. 

Many different factors can come into play when it comes to why these games sold so poorly. Release dates sometimes coincide with a much larger title. Also, living in America these games are not advertised in television commercials. While this could just be a poor marketing decision, it could also be because of the lack of funds that the gaming company has to advertise their game(s). Who knows, these could all be the wrong answer to the issues. Maybe marketing teams aren’t properly going about their jobs.

One way or another we as gamers need to buy these games. As a gamer I want to see these smaller games succeed. Sure, a bad game is a bad game but when it is a game of good quality it needs to be picked up. If these smaller titles are being bought we are stuck constantly with a re-skinned first-person-shooter or another movie-based game. 

With all of this being said, we as a gaming community need to give other games a chance. Search out some of these games on gaming sites. Go to your XBox Live marketplace or Playstation Store and buy an independent game. If these things don’t change our passion may die out.