Surprise New iOS Walking Dead Game is Surprisingly Awesome

-Samer Farag

Now I know what you’re thinking: What, Samer? An iOS game? Pffft. Hear me out. The Walking Dead: Assault, a new game that came out of nowhere today in the Apple Store, is pretty darn good. Here’s a few quick impressions as to why:

I got this game thinking it’d just be a stupid IP cash-in. What I got was a substantial, tactical squad-based shooter. Assault follows the story of the Walking Dead TV show. You wake up as Rick Grimes at the hospital, after everything’s gone to hell, and from there you’re in a fight to survive. 

The game doesn’t look interesting in screenshots, but in motion, it’s a beautiful black and white cel-shaded affair, with the same art style as the comics. This contrasts against action like blood and gun shots. 

You use your finger to move characters around, scavenge for supplies, and attack enemies with melee weapons and firearms. The action is smooth and fun, and you have to be careful in getting your team of characters like Rick and Shane to work in conjunction with one another, or else risk a quick death. 

There are 10 chapters, with the next game involving the prison that the survivors are in.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with The Walking Dead: Assault. Check it out if you have an iOS device and time to kill.