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A New Friend In Columbia?

Bioshock Infinite continues to be one of the most talked about experiences to date. Mostly everyone who has played and beat the game, came away with something different and shared it with the world. The official game is over but Irrational Games plans on bringing new content with DLC packs. The first features a brand new AI companion to accompany gamers.

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Borderlands 2 Will Receive Level Cap Plus Extra Goodies

Yet another Borderlands 2 announcement delivered from PAX East today involving an increase in the level cap. Gearbox announced that 11 more levels can be earned on April 2 for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. This brings the total level to 61 and will cost $4.99 but free to the season pass holders.

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Say Hello To Krieg

Some Borderlands 2 news has dropped today at PAX East earlier today. Meet Krieg, the sixth playable character in Gearbox’s Borderlands 2. Featured as future DLC, Krieg is a rampaging psycho who will cater to those players that want to play as a psycho. Krieg will be available in May for $9.99 or 800 MS Points.

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WWE 2K14 Confirmed, On Track for Q4 of 2013

Wrestling game nerds rejoice! After the closure of THQ, many fans of the WWE Games series worried about when we would see another game. Last week Take-Two announced that they had bought the WWE license and today we got word that the WWE games will now be branded with the usual 2K tag on the end. The best news of all is that the team has been basically working with the same team that was working on the franchise at THQ. 

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Borderlands 2 Review

Shoot, Loot, Rinse, & Repeat

The critically acclaimed RPG-shooter has returned in great fashion. It’s an understatement that Borderlands 2 was indeed a great test for Gearbox Software. An unexpected hit in 2009, Gearbox took the already impeccable formula that the original Borderlands possessed and capitalized on it for a sequel. As a result, Borderlands 2 has spawned many improvements: the loot, the humor, the exploration, diversity in the open world, and most surprisingly & importantly, the story.

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