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10 Most Disappointing Games of the Generation

As we prepare to usher in the new generation of console gaming, I thought it would be a good idea to look back and examine what might be the most frustrating aspect of our chosen hobby, the let downs.

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The Leaps & Bounds Grand Theft Auto V Is Taking

Rockstar Games accomplishes two main themes that have really become a staple with any of their works. From ​​Red Dead Redemption ​to Grand Theft Auto titles like GTA IV, Vice City, San Andreas​ and many more, Rockstar always seems to hit the mark.

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State of Decay Slated For June Release

​For those of you who have a zombie game obsession like I do, you’ve no doubt been keeping tabs on the upcoming game from Undead Labs – State of Decay.  Well it looks like the wait is over, as the Xbox 360 version of the game is officially scheduled for a June release, with a PC version to follow soon after.  It will be a downloadable title through XBLA. 

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New Assassin's Creed Game in 2013, AC III Sells 12 Million Copies

To no one’s surprise, Ubisoft has announced that there will indeed be a new Assassin’s Creed in 2013. What is a bit surprising are some of the first details. The new AC will take place in a brand new time period and have an all new main character. The game is also being developed by a new team as well. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said:”It is the benefit of multiple teams working on multiple chapters of the product. Each getting several years to make their versions of an Assassin’s Creed game.”

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Anarchy Reigns Review

Commence with the Anarchy! 

With titles like Bayonetta, Vanquish & MadWorld under their belts, Platinum Games is establishing themselves as action geniuses. Their over-the-top sequences, great visuals, and outlandish stories really put them at a high standard for great games. Anarchy Reigns, their most recent effort offers just as much, only this time it comes in the form of not just single-player but in a multiplayer effort as well. 

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Far Cry 3 Review

Welcome to Insanity

Imagine you and some friends go on a vacation to a gorgeous island paradise. You take in the scenery, interact with the locals at the hottest clubs and maybe do a little skydiving. The weather is always perfect and life couldn’t get any better. Then imagine everyone is captured by a demented psychopath and are going to be sold into slavery. You somehow manage to escape but not after witnessing your brother’s death. You are now alone in a vast dangerous jungle with no idea how to survive and where your friends are.  Welcome to the life of Jason Brody.

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