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Dragon's Crown gets Box Art and Art Book revealed

Atlus Games has just released the Box Art for the upcoming Dragon's Crown which will be released August 6, 2013 in North America. The box art is done by Vanillaware President and artist George Kamitani whose vibrant, watercolor-esque ​art style is on full display. For those that pre-order the game will also receive a soft cover art book which is detailed in the post.

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Code of Princess Review

When I started up Code of Princess’ tutorial, I was greeted by Solange, a sword-wielding scantily-clad princess. In a paragraph or two, the game summed up its core concepts. Using a control scheme typical of 2D fighters, you have a wide variety of moves at your disposal to take on enemies. Solange herself demonstrated a few short combos: stuff that was easy to remember and ripe for experimentation. I’m a fish out of water in any fighting game that doesn’t have smashing or male siblings, but even I found it easy to get the hang of the three-hit combos Solange suggested.

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