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Shinji Mikami's New Game Is Called The Evil Within

​If you are a fan of survival horror games, you probably know who Shinji Mikami is. Even if you don't, you most likely played a game he is most known for... Resident Evil. As the creator of the Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami is well aware of the potential in survival horror games. ​

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Bethesda Is "Moving On" From Skyrim DLC

​Bethesda announced today via their blog that we have seen the last of the Downloadable Content for Skyrim as they need all their resources for their next big project. Bethesda has released 3 DLC Packs in the last year with Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. The first few packs were met with mixed reactions, and weren't the size originally promised by Todd Howard when they announced their plans to make DLC content for the game. Bethesda did say that they wouldn't stop making minor updates to the game so they will still be supporting the title just not making any new content. You can read the full blog post here.

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Dishonored Review

​You are a man named Corvo Attano and you are the legendary bodyguard of the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. You arrive back at the estate after being sent away on a mission only to be framed for the murder of the Empress and the abduction of her daughter Emily. Corvo is then imprisoned and to be sentenced to death but with the aid of some mysterious people, he escapes and sets off on a journey to find the people who framed him and to rescue Emily. This is the basic plot of Dishonored, and the game does little to deviate from this. I did find the story pretty interesting; however, it does contain a plot twist that many will see coming from the very start, and the ending is not very satisfying. I would say the story is a decently told tale, and there are some great supporting characters, but don’t expect to be blown away by the overall plot.

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Rage Review

RAGE is ID’s latest attempt to reinvent the FPS genre once again. For the most part, RAGE is a solid FPS game that has some great potential, but ultimately falls just a little short in the end.

Rage starts off with a bang as the opening cinematic shows a meteor crashing into Earth. This event is the reasoning behind why the environment in RAGE looks like a post-apocalyptic mess with barren desserts, rotting cities, mutated monsters running wild, and human civilization clinging to life. You play the role as a nameless, emotionless man who survived because of these survival pods known as Arks. You awaken several years into the future and everyone else in your pod is dead. The door opens and you step out into the open world of RAGE.

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