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10 Most Disappointing Games of the Generation

As we prepare to usher in the new generation of console gaming, I thought it would be a good idea to look back and examine what might be the most frustrating aspect of our chosen hobby, the let downs.

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The Leaps & Bounds Grand Theft Auto V Is Taking

Rockstar Games accomplishes two main themes that have really become a staple with any of their works. From ​​Red Dead Redemption ​to Grand Theft Auto titles like GTA IV, Vice City, San Andreas​ and many more, Rockstar always seems to hit the mark.

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The Lost Appear In GTA V

For anyone that has experience playing Grand Theft Auto games in the past, The Lost probably ring a bell. This is because they have been spotted in multiple Grand Theft Auto titles already and it seems like they will appear in GTA V too. In a certain section of Los Santos (where GTA V takes place), the biker gang will most likely make their presence known.

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Retro City Rampage Review

Ruining the 8-Bit Peace

Parodies are all the rage on the Internet. Youtube videos, alternate twitter accounts, and other media have popularized parodies, used to poke fun or emphasize the quality of people’s favorite movies, videogames, and TV Shows. However, the very best parodies also contribute substance to their style. They have something that gives people a reason to come back to the parody. A reason separate from the piece being tackled. Retro City Rampage pulls this off with style to spare. 

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