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Soul Sacrifice Get Demo-fied: Saves Transfer To Full Game

​The Playstation Blog announced that they will release the demo for Soul Sacrifice today on the Playstation Network. The demo is fully functional and includes the first chapter in its entirety. And that's not all! Not only does the demo have the entire first chapter of the game, but it has local and ad-hoc multiplayer as well as letting you save your progress to transfer into the full game! 

You can read what Keiji Inafune said about the demo after the break:​

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Dead Rising 2 Review

Terror Is…..Meh

The Dead Rising series is known for one key element: fun. So Dead Rising 2 should definitely be fun, right? Well, sort of. One of the things that made Dead Rising and it’s many different versions fun was Frank West. Frank was a snarky photo journalist that had a certain personality to him that made him lovable. So why not carry him over to Dead Rising 2? Too easy. 

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