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The Mighty Bladewolf Becomes Playable

​The Blade Wolf DLC pack for Metal Gear Rising has been announced by Konami, declaring it to be the third addition to the title. Recently, players have been able to play as Jetstream Sam and experience the story from his perspective. Now that his part is over, Blade Wolf may now step into the spotlight. Initially, this robotic canine was an enemy to Raiden but eventually joined his cause to find answers.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Review

​Everyone’s had a good laugh at the title of this game. One game having two subtitles is silly, after all. However, the amount of expectations for this game can be equally absurd.

On one hand, it’s unfair to build expectations for Mirror of Fate based on previous Castlevania games. It’s its own game, and we all might be happier if we could just let it be. On the other hand, the promotional material for it certainly emphasized elements that Castlevania fans held dear. Worse yet, the game itself wants to have it all; it’s got the subweapons of old school ‘Vanias, the upgrades of the Symphony of the Night titles, and the two-button whip dichotomy of Lords of Shadow.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

Lighting Fast, Hack and Slash Samurai Action

Unsurprisingly, I love Metal Gear Rising’s hack and slash gameplay. As a huge fan of the action hack and slash genre, I went into Revengeance with such high hopes and you know what? My expectations for the game were met and I was treated to a wild ride featuring Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series. While Revengeance is considered a spin off to the Metal Gear series, it is at least in the same universe; thus making the plot canon.

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Zone of the Enders: HD Collection Review

Jehuty and high speed robot action is back!

Words can’t even describe how happy I was to head over to Gamestop and pick up my copy of Z.O.E HD. It’s been years since I’ve last seen a copy of the game, let alone hear someone talk about it. Soon as I came home, I popped that disk into my PS3 and was soon greeted by the gorgeous new anime opening. Hearing “Beyond the Bounds” filled me with such nostalgic memories; I was definitely in high spirits before actually playing. While time hasn’t treated the original Z.O.E game so well, The 2nd Runner still remains at the top of its game with beautiful visuals and intense battles.

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Collector's Editions announced for Metal Gear Rising and ZOE HD
Finally... Zone of the Enders HD is in sight and it bears a surprise
Zombie Apocalypse Review (360 Version)

They’ve come for our brains… time to lock and load!

Zombie games can be really fun or really scary; it all depends on what the premise of the game is about. The old school Resident Evil titles are just an example of how some zombie games shook a lot of people with a creepy atmosphere and shambling undead. Zombie Apocalypse is one of the titles that falls under the fun category as it allows players to run and gun in a mindless fashion. However, before you know it, the fun begins to fade and you are left with a shallow game that’s best played when you have nothing better to do.

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