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Nothing Says "I'm Out of Ideas" Like a Big Deuce

It's hard to find a game these days that isn't a third or fourth something, but not all sequels are created equal. Tim thumbs through history to chalk up his ten favorite sequels. Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!

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MGS: The Legacy Collection Not Coming To 360 Because of MGS4

When Konami showed off Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, ​gamers were so excited to have all four main games in one convenient package. However, only PS3 owners will have access to the collection because MGS4 is too big for the Xbox 360.

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Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection

Seems like there is a new Metal Gear Solid collection on the way and it contains 5 games total. Metal Gear Solid Legacy collection will be a PS3 exclusive and have the four Metal Gear Solid console games, plus the PSP Peace Walker.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

Lighting Fast, Hack and Slash Samurai Action

Unsurprisingly, I love Metal Gear Rising’s hack and slash gameplay. As a huge fan of the action hack and slash genre, I went into Revengeance with such high hopes and you know what? My expectations for the game were met and I was treated to a wild ride featuring Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series. While Revengeance is considered a spin off to the Metal Gear series, it is at least in the same universe; thus making the plot canon.

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Finally... Zone of the Enders HD is in sight and it bears a surprise