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The Year of the Turn-Based Strategy Game

Trevor takes a look at some turn-based strategy games that you can get your hands on now. Could this be the year for the turn-based strategy game?

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Burial At Sea...More Like Bury My Feels

Irrational Games has finally shown off what the first DLC for Bioshock Infinite looks like. Titled Burial At Sea, this DLC goes back to Rapture before the Civil War started and players control this reality's Booker Dewitt as he seeks help from a familiar face.  

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Remember Me Review

The one thing I truly admire Remember Me for is the chance to do something unique. To go against the grain and try to make something work. I feel like the risk was totally worth it but will agree that this game isn't going to make any waves. Sadly, doing something different won't garner the attention it truly deserves. Find out why I support Remember Me.

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