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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Review

WE ARE SEX BOB OMB AND WE'RE HERE TO WATCH SCOTT PILGRIM KICK YOUR TEETH IN!!! Ahem…sorry about that, I just couldn't contain my level of excitement for what I'm bringing to the table. I present to you Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, available only for the XBLA and PSN. There was even a movie that came out back in August of 2010 starring Michael Cera and the oh-so-sexy Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Now this may be a small title but don't be deceived, Scott Pilgrim will blow your socks off while giving you a nice healthy dose of nostalgia.

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Final Fantasy IX Review (PSN Version)

One of my favorite Final Fantasy games

Unlike most of the other Final Fantasy games I’ve played, Final Fantasy IX has been the only one I never completed. I had the honor of borrowing it from a friend years ago but the last boss proved too difficult, causing me to give up. Now, years later, I’ve downloaded the game from PSN to beat it once and for all. After finally completing it, I can official consider IX to be one of my favorites in the series.

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The Walking Dead: Episode 4- Around Every Corner Review

​I probably say this every time I do a review for this game but it’s worth it in every regard. Telltale Games really hit the jackpot big time with The Walking Dead video game and it doesn’t utilize any over-the-top action or massive explosions to get the job done either. The big draw comes from how the game plays with people’s emotions, getting them attached to likable and unfavorable characters. Every choice you make affects those around you for better or worse. The atmosphere is top-notch; making players fear what may lie behind closed doors. Seeing how this is the second to last episode in the season, stakes are high and tensions are higher as danger lurks around every corner.

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