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10 Most Disappointing Games of the Generation

As we prepare to usher in the new generation of console gaming, I thought it would be a good idea to look back and examine what might be the most frustrating aspect of our chosen hobby, the let downs.

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The Last of Us Review

The PlayStation 3's swan song is here. There is an incredible amount to take in from The Last of Us, its quite overwhelming even. Naughty Dog has brought together a story and its characters inspired by many pieces of film and literature, most notably Cormac McCarthy's The Road, and portrayed an adventure where two people are surrounded by the recurring theme of survival.  In short, The Last of Us is arguably the PlayStation 3's best exclusive to date.

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PrE3: Sony's got game but can they rebound?

Many people are touting this as the year for Sony to come back and lead a new revolution for game consoles, and they may be right. Sony has been doing a lot to show that they are all about the games. They want to be able to bring in as many developers as humanly possible to bring you the  most unique gaming experiences. Will they accomplish this? It's hard to tell, but it certainly sounds great and they could do it. Sony has made a huge effort to entice not just big publishers to come on board, but the indie developers as well. This could be one of their keys to success in the next generation of consoles. 

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Why I Write: A Look At How Videogames Have Shaped Me

​I have played videogames as far back as I can remember. In fact, one of my earliest memories is opening up the original Nintendo Entertainment System one Christmas morning and being elated at being able to play Super Mario Bros. ​and ​Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . ​It was also funny because Santa had also rented me quite a few games....READ MORE

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Dragon's Crown gets Box Art and Art Book revealed

Atlus Games has just released the Box Art for the upcoming Dragon's Crown which will be released August 6, 2013 in North America. The box art is done by Vanillaware President and artist George Kamitani whose vibrant, watercolor-esque ​art style is on full display. For those that pre-order the game will also receive a soft cover art book which is detailed in the post.

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FUSE Demo On PSN/XBL today! Check it out!

The Playstation Blog revealed this morning that FUSE will be seeing a demo this Tuesday. The game launches on May 28th and this is the first new console IP from Insomniac Games since the Resistance series. The game features four player co-op as well as two player split screen. Check out the new trailer above!​

Update: Demo will also be available on Xbox Live next week!

Update: That would be today!

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MGS: The Legacy Collection Not Coming To 360 Because of MGS4

When Konami showed off Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, ​gamers were so excited to have all four main games in one convenient package. However, only PS3 owners will have access to the collection because MGS4 is too big for the Xbox 360.

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Until Dawn – The Real Horror May Be The Motion Controls

I gave up on the Playstation Move quite some time ago, but the horror gamer in me might have to face the beast one last time when Until Dawn drops later this year.  So far, Supermassive Games, developer of Until Dawn, doesn’t have plans for DualShock support.


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Dead Island: Riptide Review

​How do I even start talking about ​Dead Island: Riptide​? We could start with Dead Island ​I think. The original game had a lot of great ideas mixed in with some new game jank. Dead Island​ was a new take on the open world genre, and while it had a lot of technical issues it also brought with it a certain charm. That charm worked the first time around, and it was a good starting point for the game series. Dead Island: Riptide ​feels more like an expansion pack that Deep Silver has dubbed a sequel and charged full price for. 

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