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Free Codes For The Walking Dead: Assault iOS Game

The crew here at GGN feel like doing something special for our followers. While some of us already have TWD:Assault, others don’t want or have an iOS device. Regardless we are giving away codes thanks to IGN. It goes without saying that you need a iOS device to actually play the game. So whatever it’s a iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, as long as you have one of those, you are set. I should also mention that you should have an iTunes account in order to successful download the game.

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More Walking Dead Material on The Way

More Walking Dead content is currently in development by Telltale Games but its not the second season I’m talking about here. During an interview with IGN’s Up at Noon, Gary Whitta hinted at more Walking Dead from Telltale soon.  “You won’t have to wait for season two to play more Walking Dead,” he says.

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The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left Review

*Note: This review will contain spoilers, so read at your own peril*

No doubt by now, people have heard the commotion surrounding Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead and the speculation that it could potentially be Game of The Year. Regardless of the game’s episodic releases, I believe it has a strong shot at securing the GOTY title. Never has a game made me feel so completely emotional. There were times I screamed at my TV in rage, smiled joyfully at Clementine and Lee’s conversations and cried during the really horrible moments. No Time Left is the final episode in the first season and it does not disappoint.

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The Walking Dead: The Game Retail Bundle Revealed
The Walking Dead: Episode 4- Around Every Corner Review

​I probably say this every time I do a review for this game but it’s worth it in every regard. Telltale Games really hit the jackpot big time with The Walking Dead video game and it doesn’t utilize any over-the-top action or massive explosions to get the job done either. The big draw comes from how the game plays with people’s emotions, getting them attached to likable and unfavorable characters. Every choice you make affects those around you for better or worse. The atmosphere is top-notch; making players fear what may lie behind closed doors. Seeing how this is the second to last episode in the season, stakes are high and tensions are higher as danger lurks around every corner.

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The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road Ahead Review

​I really don’t know where to start here… this episode started out as a rollercoaster and left me staring at the screen in disbelieve. This episode had me on the edge of my seat within the first 3 minutes of starting. Everything you thought you knew about your group will all come crashing down around you and it won’t be pretty.

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