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New Legend Of Zelda In Link To The Past World Announced

​Reggie took a role in today's Nintendo Direct to point out that one of his favorite games in the Legend of Zelda series was A Link To The Past. So, he was on board to announce the next, currently unnamed, Zelda title which will be available this holiday on the 3DS and take place in the same world as A Link To The Past. It will keep the same classic top down gameplay while adding a sense of height and volume of the 3D screen on the 3DS which is great for puzzle solving. It features a new storyline and new dungeons. Link will have the ability to become a drawing and move along walls which will also change the view orientation, so that you can see solutions you may not have been able to see before. 

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Zelda Wind Waker HD Remake Headed to Wii U

Nintendo has announced today that they are bringing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker to the Wii U with improved HD visuals. No official set in stone date was announced but Nintendo did say it will be out in the fall. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that this was meant to help ease the wait for the next big Zelda game (which was also revealed today and has no release estimate in sight).

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The Art of the Sword

​Anyone who plays videogames frequently has probably wielded a virtual sword at some point in their gaming career, especially if they’ve played RPGs. Swords and games have gone hand and hand since gaming was brought to the living room. This makes sense, especially when considering RPGs, which in turn base their systems on the Dungeons and Dragons standard, where swords and high fantasy are common.

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An Introduction to Zelda Color Theory, Part 2