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Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

Ever wonder what would happen if Superman just snapped? Took it upon himself to become judge, jury and executioner? And what of the other superheroes and supervillains  would they take his side or fight against the Kryptonian? That is the premise behind NetherRealm's DC brawler Injustice: Gods Among Us. We rarely get to see what happens when Superman totally loses his cool and does what he sees fit. By all meaning of the word, Superman is a god among men and even lower metahumans as well. My question is: would you stand against him?

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Supervillians Killer Frost and Ares Appear in Injustice

With Injustice only a mere 10 days away, fighting game and DC fans everywhere are excited to get their hands on it. We now have two new playable characters to look forward to trying out April 16.

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Injustice Demo Hits PS3 and Xbox 360 Today

Waiting patiently to play Injustice? Well PS3 and Xbox 360 owners don't even have to wait anymore. Today marks the Injustice demo launching on PSN and XBL.

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The Injustice Collector's Edition Has Been Revealed
Nariko and Sir Daniel make the cut for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Review

In the highly anticipated title that clashed the epic Mortal Kombat characters with the legendary lineup of DC Universe, stakes are high while gore is low. The small amount of blood that can be spewed from foes mouths’ pale in comparison to the arcade Mortal Kombat games. Warner Bros. wanted to keep gore down, and protect their characters from being exposed to the crushing deaths MK is known for. Does it suit family gamers better? Yes, but most gamers love the high doses of violence that MK games bring. I wasn’t bothered too much at the lack of bones and blood; I enjoyed the game for what it brought to the table.

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