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Free Codes For The Walking Dead: Assault iOS Game

The crew here at GGN feel like doing something special for our followers. While some of us already have TWD:Assault, others don’t want or have an iOS device. Regardless we are giving away codes thanks to IGN. It goes without saying that you need a iOS device to actually play the game. So whatever it’s a iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, as long as you have one of those, you are set. I should also mention that you should have an iTunes account in order to successful download the game.

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Mew-Genics! Official Announcement On Gameplay!

The original concept for Mew-Genics was ONE THOUSAND CATS! Well, it seems as if Team Meat has completely thrown that out of the window. No, they didn’t get rid of the cats. No, they didn't go for a lower number than 1,000 cats. In fact, they have expanded the number of cats and the number possibilities that this “Cat-Lady Simulator” has. 

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The Amazing Spider-Man Review (Xbox 360 Version)

The Amazing Spider-Man is back webheads!

Beenox has been pretty busy with Spider-Man lately. Shattered Dimensions was fairly well received in terms of reviews and criticism. One the other hand, Edge of Time didn’t do as good with both the criticism and reviews. So, Beenox has spent a lot of time with the wall crawler; more than enough time to make a truly remarkable Spider-Man game. The Amazing Spider-Man game may not be remarkable but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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