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Need for Speed Most Wanted Review

Need for Speed Most Wanted is Criterion Games second Need For Speed game (NFS: Hot Pursuit from 2010) and is in no way related to Need for Speed Most Wanted from 2005. The game has you set in the fictional open world city of Fairhaven. You are an up and coming racer and your goal is to become the cities “most wanted” racer. By completing races and accomplishing other small tasks you earn points. If you get to certain amount of points you will be able to challenge the drivers on the most wanted list. There are 10 drivers to take on and once you beat them you will move up on the list and also have a chance to take their car. This is the whole premise of Most Wanted and the game has no real storyline, characters or cutscenes. While I would have like to have seen more narrative in the game I definitely do not miss those cheesy storylines of past Need for Speed games. Most Wanted is simple, just race.

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