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The Mighty Bladewolf Becomes Playable

​The Blade Wolf DLC pack for Metal Gear Rising has been announced by Konami, declaring it to be the third addition to the title. Recently, players have been able to play as Jetstream Sam and experience the story from his perspective. Now that his part is over, Blade Wolf may now step into the spotlight. Initially, this robotic canine was an enemy to Raiden but eventually joined his cause to find answers.

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Anarchy Reigns Review

Commence with the Anarchy! 

With titles like Bayonetta, Vanquish & MadWorld under their belts, Platinum Games is establishing themselves as action geniuses. Their over-the-top sequences, great visuals, and outlandish stories really put them at a high standard for great games. Anarchy Reigns, their most recent effort offers just as much, only this time it comes in the form of not just single-player but in a multiplayer effort as well. 

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