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The Last of Us Review

The PlayStation 3's swan song is here. There is an incredible amount to take in from The Last of Us, its quite overwhelming even. Naughty Dog has brought together a story and its characters inspired by many pieces of film and literature, most notably Cormac McCarthy's The Road, and portrayed an adventure where two people are surrounded by the recurring theme of survival.  In short, The Last of Us is arguably the PlayStation 3's best exclusive to date.

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FUSE Demo On PSN/XBL today! Check it out!

The Playstation Blog revealed this morning that FUSE will be seeing a demo this Tuesday. The game launches on May 28th and this is the first new console IP from Insomniac Games since the Resistance series. The game features four player co-op as well as two player split screen. Check out the new trailer above!​

Update: Demo will also be available on Xbox Live next week!

Update: That would be today!

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Dead Island: Riptide Review

​How do I even start talking about ​Dead Island: Riptide​? We could start with Dead Island ​I think. The original game had a lot of great ideas mixed in with some new game jank. Dead Island​ was a new take on the open world genre, and while it had a lot of technical issues it also brought with it a certain charm. That charm worked the first time around, and it was a good starting point for the game series. Dead Island: Riptide ​feels more like an expansion pack that Deep Silver has dubbed a sequel and charged full price for. 

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Thomas Was Alone Out Today on Vita and PS3 With DLC

Thomas Was Alone will be released today on Vita and PS3 through the PSN! Thomas Was Alone is a very rectangular platformer from game designer Mike Bithell. He wrote a blog post for Playstation Blog today detailing his game which you can check out here.​ If you're a member of Playstation Plus you will get a 20% discount and this version of the game does give you some extra DLC with a new episode telling the story of Benjamin who is a rectangle with a jetpack and big ideas as well as a commentary mode for the main game. Check out some more screenshots of the game by clicking the article.

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Ratchet & Clank The Movie...No, Seriously!

The Playstation Blog​ posted today the first trailer for a Ratchet & Clank Movie that will be due out in 2015. Insomniac Games is still in charge of the project from a creative standpoint, and series writer T.J Fixman will be providing the script. Insomniac will not be actually producing the project as they have brought on Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment on the production end. Check out the trailer for the movie above!

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Knytt Underground Review

Every now and then, there is a game that comes along that can be considered a masterpiece, and Knytt Underground is just that. Whether it is the gorgeous environment or the music that hits at just the right moments, this game does it all right.

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Sniper Elite 3 is Official

The official press release:


Rebellion and 505 Games are proud to announce that work has begun on the sequel to their hit game, Sniper Elite V2.

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