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Shinji Mikami's New Game Is Called The Evil Within

​If you are a fan of survival horror games, you probably know who Shinji Mikami is. Even if you don't, you most likely played a game he is most known for... Resident Evil. As the creator of the Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami is well aware of the potential in survival horror games. ​

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Resident Evil 6 Review

Truly a beautiful disaster.

Resident Evil 6 is in ways like Frankenstein’s Monster. It is put together by many different pieces to try and create the perfect game that can please you no matter what type of gameplay you like. There are 4 separate campaigns with 5 chapters each that all play differently and tell a different side to the over-arching story. You have the old school survival horror campaign of Leon Kennedy, the over the top third person action game that is the Chris Redfield’s campaign, the mix of horror/action that is Jake Muller’s campaign and the stealth based puzzle filled campaign of Ada Wong. This all sounds great right? Well it’s not.

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