The 2012 Galactic Gaming News Game of the Year

5. Dishonored


4. Borderlands 2


3. Mass Effect 3


2. Journey


1. GGN’s Game of the Year - The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is an interesting game, or some refer to it as something that can’t really be a game. Well, The Walking Dead is interactive media. In fact, you control a character and choose how your story is going to go. It’s not that you just control any character. You control Lee Everett, and what a joy it is to finally control a non-stereotypical man of color. 

As the game starts with Lee, it’s hard to tell how we are supposed to feel about him. Eventually, it just comes natural and the players can get a sense of who this man is in their heads. Lee is a strong, passionate man, but he can’t carry the whole story on just his shoulders. 

Clementine is the players’ central focus, other than just survival. Clementine is a cute kid that is delivered in a such a manner that we at GGN all fall in love with this kid. She brings such warmth to a person’s heart and makes you feel like she really wants Lee there for her. In return, she will be there for Lee as well. 

The Walking Dead isn’t just another videogame. This is probably the best story delivered in the history of gaming. Then again, story is the central focus. It’s definitely not the gameplay that drives The Walking Dead. The gameplay is clunky and oftentimes the way that scenes switch are a hard change. The screen can go black for a second or characters will jut freeze in mid-step or during a conversation. 

The best part is that even some of the issues that this game does have can’t hold it back. The Walking Dead does something that few games have ever been able to do; make people care. By the time that we got done with the game, we were all left with our hearts heavy and wondering what we could have done to change some of what had happened. 

This game isn’t just another game in the record books. No, this is something truly amazing that will go down in history for showing how storytelling can truly be in gaming. We are truly grateful for what The Walking Dead and Telltale Games has delivered to us. It is an honor to call this game Galactic Gaming News’ Game of the Year. 

Just for fun, here is how all of the editors of Galactic Gaming News voted:

Jimmy Kovalski:

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Mass Effect 3
  3. Journey
  4. Far Cry 3
  5. Dishonored
  6. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 
  7. Hitman: Absolution
  8. Assassins Creed 3
  9. Sleeping Dogs
  10. The Darkness II

Jovan “Street” Lawrence:

  1. Mass Effect 3
  2. Borderlands 2
  3. Guild Wars 2
  4. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  5. Halo 4
  6. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  7. Pokemon Black Version 2
  8. Mark of the Ninja
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles
  10. Dust: An Elysian Tail

Gregory Livingston:

  1. ZombiU
  2. 1000 Amps
  3. Last Story
  4. Liberation Maiden
  5. Paper Mario Sticker Star
  6. Code of Princess
  7. Gunlord
  8. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
  9. New Super Mario Bros. U
  10. Ace Mathician

Marcus Lawrence:

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Halo 4
  3. Dishonored
  4. Borderlands 2
  5. Asura’s Wrath
  6. Mass Effect 3
  7. The Darkness II
  8. Mark of the Ninja
  9. Max Payne 3
  10. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Samer Farag:

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Journey
  3. Dishonored
  4. Borderlands 2
  5. Torchlight II
  6. Super Hexagon
  7. Hotline Miami
  8. Retro City Rampage
  9. Mark of the Ninja
  10. Mass Effect 3

Eric Lee Lewis:

  1. ‎The Walking Dead
  2. Mark of the Ninja
  3. Torchlight II
  4. Journey
  5. Borderlands II
  6. Max Payne 3
  7. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  8. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  9. WWE ‘13 
  10. Halo 4