The Amazing Spider-Man Review (Xbox 360 Version)


Beenox (PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii, PC)

Other Ocean Interactive (DS)

Gameloft (iOS/Android)




PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii, PC, DS, iOS/Android

Release Dates:

June 26, 2012: Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, Wii, DS

June 28, 2012: iOS/Android

August 10, 2012: PC


Open World Action Adventure, Platformer




T (Mild Language, Violence)

-Marcus Lawrence

The Amazing Spider-Man is back webheads!

Beenox has been pretty busy with Spider-Man lately. Shattered Dimensions was fairly well received in terms of reviews and criticism. One the other hand, Edge of Time didn’t do as good with both the criticism and reviews. So, Beenox has spent a lot of time with the wall crawler; more than enough time to make a truly remarkable Spider-Man game. The Amazing Spider-Man game may not be remarkable but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

I won’t call this game a movie tie-in because it takes place after the movie. If you want to get all technical then you could call it a movie game but that’s neither here nor there. As I was saying, the story takes places after the movie meaning that Peter has saved Manhattan from the Lizard and Dr. Conners is sent to Beloit Psychiatric Hospital . Months after the Lizard incident, Peter and Gwen sneak back to Oscorp under the suspicion that the Cross-Species experiments are still ongoing. After a very shocking revelation, Peter must turn to his alter ego, Spider-Man, to once again save the day with some help from someone unexpected.

The one thing I can say about this new Spider-Man game is that the combat system has improved greatly. In the same vein as RockSteady’s Arkham series, Spider-Man has to deal with multiple enemies at once. Inspired by Lucha Libre, many of the moves that Spider-Man uses on his enemies will resemble the Mexican wrestling style. Players are able to attack and use counters similar to the Arkham games as well. Once you build the combo meter to the right amount, Spider-Man can use stylish Signature Moves to crush dazed opponents. Of course, the use of webs is crucial to Spider-Man’s tactics. After all, how can he be called Spider-Man if he doesn’t use them? Webs can be used to stick enemies to the wall, ground or even ceiling. You can even use the webs to swing enemies around before tossing them away. Now, there’s a new mechanic called “Web Rush” which makes the player feel like they are Spider-Man in and out of combat.

The Web Rush move allows Spidey to web-zip across long distances and has a multitude of uses. During combat, players could use Web Rush to get a better angle on their opponents for a stealth takedown or enter the slow-mo phrase to get a look at their surroundings. You can even bounce from enemy to enemy in true Spider-Man fashion if you feel like. If things start getting dangerous, players can retreat to the ceilings or walls using this technique to recover health. Just like with most Spider-Man games, players can upgrade Peter’s moveset and even his technology by completing missions and finding collectables scattered in the area. By technology, I mean some suit enhancements that can be beneficial in combat like ballistic resistance or stronger webbing. Here’s some more good news, when you aren’t fighting dozens of enemies, you’re doing the next best thing… web-swinging through Manhattan.

The Amazing Spider-Man, to date, has the best web-swinging experience around. The way Beenox captures the exhilarating rush of swinging through Manhattan at fast speeds is truly amazing. In all my years of playing Spider-Man titles, this one makes me feel as if I am The Spider-Man. If Beenox were to take some examples from the web-slinging in Spider-Man 2 and incorporate them into the next game, that would be the perfect web-slinging experience. Web Rush also has a use in Manhattan as you can combine it with web-swinging to cover more distance quickly. After a certain point in the game, side quests become available to players. Stopping random muggings, chasing runaway cars and even help the police with shootouts, it’s all part of your duties as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to put a stop to crimes. After all, this is your playground.

This may be a fun game but it isn’t actually a great game. Besides glitches that occur during some parts, there are other issues to deal with. While the combat system has been greatly improved, some kinks must be worked out; like how the camera gets blocked during some fights or when button commands don’t go through. If Beenox is trying to go up against the legendary Arkham series, they have to step up in that aspect. The side quests start to get ridiculously tedious; after chasing down the same car with the same thugs inside 4 or 5 times, it starts getting boring. That goes with all of the side quests. The story was okay at best and never gave me any sense of excitement. I just felt like I was along for the ride. Even though this game has some faults, if the developers improve upon them, I believe Spider-Man can obtain the same status as Batman has.


  • Fun combat system
  • A ton of collectables and alternate costumes for Spidey fans
  • Best web-swinging experience by far
  • Epic boss battles


  • Repetitive side quests
  • Bland Story
  • Manhattan doesn’t feel a living city but a rather dull environment

The Amazing Spider-Man definitely has a lot of potential to be something great. Considering this is a first time that Beenox created an open-world Spider-Man game, I’m hopeful for what the future could bring. What Uncle Ben told Peter applies to Beenox as well considering the gift they are currently in possession of: “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

Verdict: 70%

Value Verdict: If you are a true Spider-Man fan, the price is worth it. For everyone else, wait for a price drop.

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer