The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Review


Bethesda Game Studios


Bethesda Softworks


PC, Xbox

Release Date:

May 1st, 2002




Action Role-Playing, Open World


T ( Blood and Violance)

-Samer Farag

I’ve been bit by the nostalgia bug lately. From Max Payne to Ocarina of Time, I’ve been playing games from the olden days now that I have more time on my hands. Due to this, I decided to travel back to the land of Morrowind to see how it’s held up all these years. Does it do it’s sequels justice? Let’s find out:

Morrowind, like other Elder Scrolls games of its kind, is all about free-form exploration. There is a main story line, but unlike other Scrolls games, which push it to the forefront, Morrowind simply dumps you onto the mainland and that’s it. You can choose to follow the main story, but it takes much more of a back seat in this game than in the others. That being said, the storyline for Morrowind is actually relatively interesting and has some genuinely surprising twists and turns along the way. Meanwhile, some of the other storylines, such as that of the guilds, are interesting as well. Each with a unique questline and all of which are very long in their own right. I, however, was most struck by the smaller, twenty minute stand alone quests, which I found to be the most unique, humorous, and challenging. One in particular that struck me was finding a wandering warrior, alone on a mountain top, awaiting “a warrior’s death.” You are there to oblige. It is suitably epic, and is a few of the many memorable moments that Morrowind has to offer.

Morrowind, in my opinion, is the deepest of the Elder Scrolls games in terms of RPGs. Those who were introduced to the series via Skyrim will be overwhelmed by the multitude of attributes and skills at their disposable when they first start up the game. I suggest choosing carefully what you want your character to specialize in, so as to obtain maximum enjoyment out of your game. While this can be overwhelming, it also allows for a very fine-crafted system of strengths and weaknesses as well as major and minor skills. This is all to allow you to make your own unique character and *that* is key to the Elder Scrolls experience.

Characters explore, fight, explore some more and do whatever they please in the Elder Scrolls way. This being said, exploration is my favorite and least favorite part of Morrowind. While it’s always fun finding new dungeons and environments, there are a few hitches to the system. Firstly, the initial walking speed is slow but running drains fatigue. This makes for *very* long travel times. Couple that with the lack of fast travel, and us impatient types may not be able to enjoy the game. Also, while the game certainty isn’t unattractive to the eye, it still has taken a beating after so many years later. The environments are unique, much more so than it’s older brother Oblivion, but its structure is low quality when compared to that same game.

But all is not lost. Mods are a welcome part of any PC game, and that philosophy doesn’t change with Morrowind. In under 15 minutes, I was able to have running not reduce fatigue, obtain a ring that lets you transport to every main city of the game, and added *much* better looking textures, with a very easy to handle modding interface. And if you aren’t happy with others’ mods, you can make your own with the construction kit that’s included with the game, increasing the play time of an already incredibly large game.


  • Exploration
  • Unique Quests


  • Slowness of exploration
  • Needing mods to fix things

Morrowind is a great game, even in this day and age. Though it’s only been a week, I have put in quite a few hours to the game, and recommend it to any Elder Scrolls fan. Though it’s a bit sad that mods have to fix some of the original problems the game has, it is still very entertaining, and taps into the adventurer and explorer in all of us.


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind gameplay

Samer must really be loving the old school games. There are some people that never played Morrowind before. Do you think it’s too late to go back or can people still like this?