The Steam Challenge: Cleaning Out the Backlog

-Samer Farag

The year is 2013, and I plan on taking the Steam Challenge.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been in this situation. You’ve bought a Humble Bundle…or four. Then the holiday sales start, and all of a sudden, you have eight new games under your belt. The list keeps going and going, and all of a sudden, you have sixty-three games that you haven’t touched!

What? Of course that’s not how many games I have in my Steam Backlog! What are you talking about? 

…Er, anyways, this leaves me with a bunch of games that are rusting away, untouched. And that goes against the gaming creed! I paid for these games, the least I could do is spend some time playing them.

Enter the aforementioned Steam Challenge. I plan on playing every game that I own in my Steam Library, top to bottom, by the end of the year. Here are the rules, taken from the Reddit thread created for this challenge: 

  1. You must beat every single player game from start to finish on any difficulty.1a. With large RPG/Sand box games like Skyrim, you must complete the main story line and the main story line in all DLC expansions you own (ie. Dawngaurd).1b. In games where there is no ending or main story line (ex. Terraia and Sim City). You must play at least 10 hours.1c. If a game is far too difficult for you to complete (Super Meat Boy) you must complete 15 hours before rule 1 is satisfied.
  2. You must play at least 7 hours of PvP multiplayer or complete every single co-op mission (ie. Left 4 Dead).2a. If a game has both you can either play one or the other (ie. Team Fortress 2).
  3. You can either start from ascending or descending order; however, you are not allowed to skip any game except for a few exceptions.3a. You can skip a game if playing a game have become impossible in situations like the following:.Banned from multiplayer (if the game has single player, you must play single player component) .An online game (like a MMO) is no loner supported. .Your machine is not powerful enough to run the game. .Your OS or chipset is not supported. .Unresolvable issues that make installation or running the game impossible. 3b. If you already have satisfied rules 1 and 2 on any game then playing that game is optional.3c. You may skip a game if there are essentially duplicates in your library (ex. You have both Half-Life and Half-Life: Source), but you must play one or the other. (this also includes Betas (ex., Team Fortress 2 Beta))3d. Game Jumping is allowed in situations where you would like to play a series of games in a particular order (such as order of release or in chronological order). In these situations you may jump a head to complete the franchise, once completed you have to go back and continue on as normal.3e. If you buy a new game, you must go back and satisfy rules 1 and 2.3f. If it is in your library, you have to play Amnesia to the end you fucking baby. Nut up man, it’s just pixels.

This challenge comes with another: With every game that I complete on the Steam Challenge, I will write a review of the game afterwards. So, I get both my gaming value, as well as writing practice. Win win!

I’ve changed the rules a bit, however. I have given myself three games to play and jump around from. As of now, its Bastion, Mass Effect,and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This lets me keep from being bored of one particular game.

I’m ready to do this. To empty out my backlog, get out of my comfort zone, and play some games! 

Are you willing to commit to the challenge? Let us know!