The Walking Dead Episode 2 - Starved For Help Review

Release Date:

 June 27th, 2012

-Marcus Lawrence


Previously on The Walking Dead

Lee Everett, a man convicted of killing a senator for sleeping with his wife, is cuffed in the back of a police car and being transported presumably to a prison. Before long, the car hits someone roaming in the middle of the street and crashes. Lee wakes up and finds the police officer dead but to his surprise, comes back to life and tries to kill him. Lee soon realizes the world isn’t the same and protects a young girl named Clementine. Pairing up with other survivors, Lee and Clementine make it to Lee’s hometown of Macon where they are ambushed by walkers. However, they are saved by a new group of survivors. After dealing with all that has happened, the newly formed group take shelter in a rundown motel and decides to hold out there until everything blows over…

The second episode takes place three months after the first one ended. People that played the first episode will see the group is still at the motel. Besides the new story and characters that appear, the game fundamentally plays the same. The coloring and shading of the comic book graphics have definitely been touched up. Players should expect more tough decisions that will have you questioning your choices; the first one happens within the first five minutes!


The Walking Dead Episode 2- Starved For Help is 400 Microsoft Points/ $4.99 on the PSN and PC

The Walking Dead Gamer: If you bought the first episode back in May then you need to download the new episode. Not only does it build upon the original on an emotional level, it even brings back the small decisions you made in the first one and affects how your game will play. (Something that gives this game a high replay valve)

The Walking Dead- Episode 2 Trailer


The Walking Dead videogame has been doing exceptionally well with both sales and keeping gamers wanting more. With this stomach turning new episode, would anyone who hasn’t downloaded the game think about doing so?

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