The Walking Dead: Episode 4- Around Every Corner Review

-Marcus Lawrence

I probably say this every time I do a review for this game but it’s worth it in every regard. Telltale Games really hit the jackpot big time with The Walking Dead videogame and it doesn’t utilize any over-the-top action or massive explosions to get the job done either. The big draw comes from how the game plays with people’s emotions, getting them attached to likable and unfavorable characters. Every choice you make affects those around you for better or worse. The atmosphere is top-notch; making players fear what may lie behind closed doors. Seeing how this is the second to last episode in the season, stakes are high and tensions are higher as danger lurks around every corner.

*The rest will contain spoilers from previous episodes. Read on at your own discretion.* Previously on The Walking Dead: After leaving the motel due in part to bandit attacks, the group is on edge as they try to figure out who sold them out to the bandits. After a shocking turn of events, the group stumbles upon a train and decides to commandeer the vehicle in order to reach Savannah. Things turn from bad to worse and despair starts to settle in as certain people begin to lose hope. Before long, the city is in sight and hope shines once again but when a mysterious man speaks from Clementine’s supposedly broken walkie-talkie, one question stands above all others: Who is this man and why is luring Clementine to Savannah?

Nothing has changed regarding how you play the game; players still make choices that affect how the story shapes and survey surroundings for clues and useful supplies. Being in Savannah proves to be quite difficult when the city is crawling with Walkers. Replacing the living with the dead, they roam the streets in search of some poor soul to devour. Lee, Clementine and the rest of the group must find shelter and a way out of the dead city before it is too late. By the time this episode concludes, players will understand why the fifth episode is titled ‘No Time Left’.

Gary Whitta (known for his role in the movie ‘The Book of Eli’ as screenwriter as well as a well-known videogame journalist) oversaw the narrative development of the 4th episode. It makes perfect sense because out of all the other episodes, Around Every Corner is darker and more emotional. There’s this one scene where Lee must go out and bury a young boy next to his already deceased dog. Players are forced to pile dirt onto the pair as Clementine and the rest watch. This scene adds a whole other level of emotion as players slowly begin to realize the fate which awaits the group. The entire episode is an emotional rollercoaster; offering hope in face of fear, yet only to be dragged back down by uncertainty. So did the 4th episode exceed expectations? I wholeheartedly believe so.

With only the last episode to go, speculations are running wild as people try to figure out how the season will wrap up. The fifth episode is supposedly coming out sometime in November and with the retail disk coming out December.


  • Highly surpasses the other episodes; both in action and emotion
  • Choices made in past episodes return in satisfying ways
  • Definitely one of the best gaming experiences this year


  • Have to wait another month for the last episode

If you haven’t gotten into The Walking Dead yet, now would be a great time to do so. Even if you don’t watch the show or read the graphic novels, if you enjoy a good time with games, you don’t want to miss out. Nothing but good things has been said about The Walking Dead and with each episode only $4.99 or 400 MS Points; something this excellent and cheap should not be missed.

The Walking Dead: Around Every Corner Trailer

If you haven’t played The Walking Dead yet, mind telling us why?