The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left Review

-Marcus Lawrence

The Most Heartbreaking Episode Yet

*Note: This review will contain spoilers, so read at your own peril*

No doubt by now, people have heard the commotion surrounding Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead and the speculation that it could potentially be Game of The Year. Regardless of the game’s episodic releases, I believe it has a strong shot at securing the GOTY title. Never has a game made me feel so completely emotional. There were times I screamed at my TV in rage, smiled joyfully at Clementine and Lee’s conversations and cried during the really horrible moments. No Time Left is the final episode in the first season and it does not disappoint.

The fifth episode picks right up from where the previous one left off. With Clementine in the hands of the mysterious kidnapper, Lee and the group surrounded by Walkers, the player chooses what Lee will say to the kidnapper over Clementine’s walkie-talkie. From this moment on, the final episode is in full effect as the player must now navigate through the Walker infested streets to find young Clementine. It will soon become apparent to players that Lee will stop at nothing until he has found Clementine. Do I find this surprising? Not in the slightest because every single person I’ve talked to about this game said they would give their lives willingly to save the child.

If the screenshots don’t give you a heads-up then I will; the situation is grim to say the least. By far, this is the darkest episode we have seen in terms of emotion and atmosphere. Every choice the player has made up until this point will have some effect on how the story goes. Limits will be pushed and friendships will be tested as the clock ticks on until there’s no time left.

I can’t really say much else in this review because I don’t feel like ruining the experience for those people that have yet to play. What I can say is that I’ve never cried so hard for characters in a videogame before and I’ve played a lot of games in my time. The ending alone had tears flowing down my cheeks not to mention all the other events that occur. When it comes down to it, The Walking Dead game is a masterpiece not because it features cutting edge graphics or astounding gameplay but for its ability to make gamers feel emotion. Of course there are others games out there that deliver emotion to a player but from my personal experience, nothing comes close.

While this may be an emotional episode, it also happens to be the most action packed. Walkers are surrounding Savannah and ready to close on the group. There will be moments where players must fight their way past or through the undead to reach the other side. Even from the beginning of the episode, I was at the edge of my seat and wondering what would happen next. Before I knew it, I was standing up and screaming at my TV; cursing what just transpired and didn’t sit again until the credits were rolling. Make sure you sit though all the credits because there is a cutscene that will make your jaw drop and stay that way.

This is a perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and play The Walking Dead. All the episodes have been released so there’s no more waiting a month for the next installment. Telltale Games is currently working on the next season; though a release date has not been mentioned.

Just like with past episodes, there are some minor technical issues hindering this episode from getting a perfect score. The controls are a bit clunky and there are times where the framerate drops especially when moving to a different location. By clunky, I mean how Lee seems to almost hesitate when I push the stick in a certain direction. These small issues aren’t enough to stop someone from trying The Walking Dead. Without a doubt, I strongly believe this is a game that everyone should play at least once in their lifetime.


  • Gripping emotional episode that doesn’t stop
  • The music is perfectly placed to compliment what is happening
  • This season comes to an satisfying, if not heartbreaking end
  • For Clementine!


  • Minor technical issues (Rare clunky control moments, drop in framerate etc. etc.)

Words can’t properly explain how good The Walking Dead is. Only way to truly experience this wonderful title is to actually play the game. Each episode is only $5 dollars (420 MS points), amassing a total of $25 dollars plus tax. With a price that cheap for a game this amazing; you can’t go wrong with downloading The Walking Dead or waiting until the retail copy to be released. Try it out and see why a lot of people are excitingly talking about The Walking Dead and the chances of it becoming Game of the Year.

Verdict: 95%

Price Verdict: For $25 dollars plus tax, this game is worth every penny spent.

For all of you that have played through The Walking Dead…how are you feeling right now and are you excited for the second season? If you need a refresher on the series, check out the previous GGN reviews of The Walking Dead.

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