The Walking Dead's 4th Episode Gets A Release Date

-Marcus Lawrence

The 4th episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead will be available for purchase in just a few short days. At this time however, we only have information on US editions of the game; international release dates have yet to be finalized.

For those of you that play on the PS3, you get the game a day before anyone else. On Tuesday which is October 9th, the 4th episode will be ready for download on the PSN with the usual price tag of $4.99. The episode will appear a day later on Xbox Live Arcade for 400 MS Points (basically $5). The PC and Mac versions also come out on the 10th via the Telltale game store and other distribution centers like Steam and Origin.

With only one episode away from the season finale, what awaits Lee and the rest of the group?