Too Human Review


Silicon Knights


Microsoft Game Studios 


Xbox 360 

Release Date:

August 19, 2008 


Action role-playing 



-Eric Lee Lewis

Many times in the games industry gamers are promised something brand new. Too Human is something a little new, but it is nowhere near the innovation in gaming that we were promised. Too Human is a little bit different in its approach to control and its way of telling an age-old story based upon Norse mythology. 

You are put into the shoes of Baldur. Baldur is one of the Æsir or Norse Gods. Instead of the Norse mythology look that we are used to seeing in pictures, we are treated with a much more futuristic look. The gods in question are all cybernetic beings that have been outfitted with certain technology that allows them to go into battle and make the biggest difference possible. 

When starting Too Human you are given the control of Baldur, but Baldur doesn’t have to just be a warrior. There are many of the usual classes that are in most RPGs. The classes range from warrior to healer to projectile-based attacks. It’s never a huge difference for the gameplay and you rarely find yourself getting into trouble with the enemies that always remain the same level as your character. While it is nice to always have enemies the same level as yourself, the challenge is never really there.

Whilst being a twin-stick action rpg, Too Human is also a loot-based game in the vein of Diablo. Like most loot games, items can be bought in stores, but the best weapons are found through killing enemies. At some point the loot just stops getting to a point where it is useful and you are left feeling the effects of slow, lifeless combat that even legendary weapons can’t make up for.

Though Too Human is a short game that has a “New Game+” mode, it is never really worth playing multiple times and never honestly changes the experience you have. It is best sticking to one playthrough if you are going to play Too Human at all.


  • Interesting twin-stick gameplay
  • Different take on Norse mythology


  • Short story
  • Never a feeling of progression
  • Lack of ability to connect with the main character
  • A meaningless New Game+ feature


Too Human - Official Trailer

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