UFC Undisputed 3 Review






Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Release Date: 

North America: February 14, 2012 

Europe: February 17, 2012




1-2 online or offline



-Eric Lee Lewis

Combat sports games get a well needed kick to the face.

The UFC games have been around for a while. Like most games, it took a while to get it right. A lot of the games in the UFC series have been fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but UFC Undisputed 3 is head and shoulder above all mixed martial arts games. 

Right out of the gate there are multiple modes to choose from that range from an exhibition mode to a full-fledged career mode. There is even a mode that allows you to play classic matches where your goal is to pull off the proper move within a set amount of time. In doing these things in this mode you end up unlocking video of that match. But this isn’t the only place where you get to see some of the best video that you can see in this game. 

When you start a career mode you can choose to play as a created character or you can choose to play as an established fighter and hope to have the in-game career go as well - or in some cases - better than that fighter’s career really is. As soon as the career mode starts you are treated to fantastically produced video that talks about the origins of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and where you start. As you progress through the career and hit milestones, you are shown more and more videos that talk about what certain fighters did in that time of their career.

Video isn’t what Undisputed 3 is about though. This game is about how well the game plays and looks. UFC Undisputed 3 plays like it looks. The controls are at an optimum level. Transitioning from one hold or position to another feels seamless and  rewarding. When in a defensive position, it is as simple as rotating a stick to try to get out of said position and blocking punches is assigned to a bumper. Combat always feels smooth as long as you have the stamina and health to pull off that maneuver. 

Adding to the amazing feel of the game are the amazing character models. THQ is known for having fantastic character models, especially to wrestling fans like myself and UFC Undisputed 3 is no different. Every little scar or blemish on the fighter is present on their videogame counterpart. On top of how amazing each fighter looks in-game, the arenas and presentation are top notch as well. Sometimes I would forget that I was playing a game as the presentation of each fight looks just as it does on television. Referees act accordingly, the crowd chants as they do in real life and entrances looks as they do on t.v. 

UFC Undisputed 3 also has a solid online mode. Many times, I do not care for online gameplay, but I had to try this game’s competitive multiplayer. Luckily, I rarely, if ever, had any latency issues. Also, there was no loss in the fluidity of the fights that I had experienced offline.

UFC Undisputed 3 is the way to go when it comes to MMA games. Presentation and gameplay can not be beat when it comes to THQ’s games. I can only imagine the ways that this series can be improved upon in the future and where THQ wants to take the series. With all of this being said, any fight fan needs to pick this game up and really spend some time with it.

The Pros:

  • Amazing presentation
  • Spot on character models
  • Fluid gameplay
  • Awesome footage

The Cons:

  • Difficult training
  • Difficult goals 

Verdict: 90%

UFC Undisputed 3 Combat Trailer [HD]

Are you an MMA fan? Have you played UFC Undisputed 3? Why or why not?