Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Review






PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita

Release Date(s):

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360: November 15, 2011

PlayStation Vita: February 15, 2012




Single, Local, Online


T (Violence)

-Marcus Lawrence

The ultimate cross up returns with new additions

With the release of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 in February 2011, Capcom promised gamers new downloadable content which would include new characters, patches and alternate costumes. However, the tragic 2011Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami incident happened and left literally hundreds of thousands without electricity. This of course disrupted the development of the DLC and instead of only allowing people outside of Japan to have access to the new content; the additional content was put onto disk so all could have a fair chance to play.

I won’t even begin to lie to you all and say I was happy with UMVC3. At first, I truly disliked this title and felt as if it were a cheap way for Capcom to take more of our money. When I sat down and thought about it, I didn’t feel like my judgment on the game was fair. How come everyone else would get the DLC but Japan would miss out because of the horrible incident? When I thought of it like that, I didn’t harbor any resentment towards Capcom for what they did. UMVC3 is still the same game as the original; it just has new features that newbies and veterans can appreciate.

The most noticeable addition would be the 12 new characters added to the 36 original character roster. On Marvel’s side, you have the following: Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Nova and Rocket Raccoon. On Capcom’s side of the fence: Firebrand, Frank West, Nemesis T-type, Phoenix Wright, Strider Hiryu and Vergil will be joining the fight. On top of that, many of the returning characters have received balancing changes which included new moves and tweaks that alter health, attack, defense and so on. Veterans will probably take note of all the new tweaks as they are crucial knowledge. New stages and costumes have also been added as well.

There are three main modes that are available to players. The first would be the offline mode which consists of Arcade, Versus, Training and Mission modes. As a special feature for the Arcade mode, players will be able to play as Galactus for the first time. To play as the “Devourer of Worlds”, you must have saved data left over from MVC3 or to accumulate 30,000 PP (Player Points). Offline is mainly where you go if you need to practice or just to goof around. However, things get serious once you get online.

For players with Xbox Live, the online community of UMVC3 is alive and kicking…literally. At your disposal are three options you can choose from. If you got what it takes and don’t mind putting your rank on the line, Ranked Matches await you. For those of you that just want to have a good time without losing rank, Public Match is the way to go. The third option is the Lobby where spectator mode is a new feature. Lobbies are where players gather to watch and participate in matches. Up to 8 people can join a lobby at once and it adds the feeling of being at an arcade.

Now for the final playable option, Heroes and Heralds is a single-player and online team based mode where players must win matches to obtain special ability cards. These cards allow you to upgrade characters of your choices with a variety of unique powers. Just like the name suggests, you have to choose a faction to join before getting started. You can team up with the Earth’s heroes to defend the planet or join up with Galactus’ heralds to attack the earth. It’s a different approach to the 3-on-3 battles and often encourages you to equip the right cards to obtain victory.

As much as I started to enjoy this game, I still found a couple of issues revolving around it. For one, anyone that either owned the original or still has i  will be disappointed with the lack of new content. Yes, the new characters are welcomed (even though some disagree) and yes, Heroes and Heralds is entertaining; there just isn’t enough bang for your buck here. Even with the tweaks given to characters, certain ones are still overpowered and makes going online a real pain. Especially when you run into 3-4 people that use the same overpowered team.


  • Still the same fun fighter just with new additions
  • The graphics and menus have been given a nice overhaul
  • A total of 48 characters to mix and match with


  • Not enough filling content besides a new mode and characters
  • Even with the tweaks to characters, some are still way too overpowered.

If you missed out on the first MVC3 then this purchase is understandable and you should go for it. However, if you are returning from the original, you may find yourself wanting more. Not that it’s a bad game, it just doesn’t offer as much new content as it should.

Verdict: 75%

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Gameplay

With the review of UMVC3 following the original MVC3, would you agree with Marcus and say this title is lacking in new content or disagree and say the price is worth it?