Valve Now Selling Other Software on Steam

-Eric Lee Lewis

There have been many issues lately with people that want to make games but they just don’t know what software to use. Well, fret no more. Steam is now selling non-game software on their Steam service.

Valves press release says that they offer the following software and a statement follows:

  • ArtRage Studio Pro
  • CameraBag 2
  • GameMaker: Studio
  • 3D-Coat
  • 3DMark Vantage
  • 3DMark 11

“Many of the launch titles will take advantage of popular Steamworks features, such as easy installation, automatic updating, and the ability to save your work to your personal Steam Cloud space so your files may travel with you.”

“GameMaker Studio, for example, features integration with Steam Workshop that allows GameMaker users to share their work via Steam.”

Now, go make some games!