Valve's New Leaked IP Titled 'Stars of Barathrum'

-Marcus Lawrence 

*Note: Please treat this as just a rumor for nothing has been confirmed yet

Valve has been extremely busy these past few months. Talks of hardware/software beta testing and a bunch of new projects have put the company in the spotlight. One of the projects mentioned is an open world space game named Stars of Barathrum. We may have been tossed a bone here because the concept art you see before you might be for the new IP.

Granted, that’s maybe and even that speculation is a bit hard to grasp. According to Facepunch however, most of these images actually belong to Stars of Barathrum. Supposedly, players will be in command of large space cruisers and even capital ships. Am I the only one that just jumped for joy if this is made possible?

Just by looking at all these images, you can see how much time and resources Valve has investing into this game. A lot of places think this game may become a free-to-play MMO and that wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest; the company has openly expressed how much they encourage that type of game.

“An inside source has confirmed that SOB (Valve’s new IP) is an unannounced game entitled Stars of Barathrum (working title). Plays like privateer/freelancer but also with the ability to command larger cruisers and capital ships. It’s a very vast and open-world game where you choose your own adventure, a lot of internal resources are being put into SOB,” this is part of the post that can be found on Facepunch.

From what I’ve researched, the game has been mentioned before but never have images been shown. If this game ever launches, you can bet I’ll be one of many to play this day one.