Vector TD Review





PlayStation 3

Release Date:

March 4, 2010


RTS (Real-Time Strategy), Tower Defense


Single Player

ESRB Rating:


-Keith Michael

I am not saying that I wanted the PlayStation Network to do down when it did back in 2011, but I am very glad it happened. Had it not gone down when it did, I may have never found this very fun and inexpensive game. Personally, I have never been one for RTS games or anything similar but when I first got my hands on a tower defense game like this title, I found myself really enjoying it. This is where Vector TD comes into play. Vector TD is a tower defense game that is simple on the surface but is a lot more complex than that. With a really steep difficulty curve, I found myself coming back to TD time and time again just to try and beat the first level.

When I first played this game, I had no type of description and didn’t really have a good opinion about the actual gameplay. For some reason though, I did snicker a little. The description for the game is that you are some type of soldier in a time when the planet is plagued with war and must defend ourselves within several different towers. The soldier is given a device that will “simulate” the flow of battle and will apparently get him ready for the real thing. However, none of this really matters because if you purchase the game, you realize that there is no real story involved. The units are separated into different colors and the game calls them vectoids and with these vectoids, the goal is to lay towers and stop the enemies.

Obviously, in a tower defense game, the gameplay is the meat and potatoes and Vector TD does a great job of displaying that. You start off by choosing one of eight different levels that range in length and difficulty. For my playthrough, I spent most of my time in the first few levels due to the sheer difficulty of the game. The objective of each level is to make it through 50 waves of varying enemy drones. You have a choice between ten different towers and each one has a different weapon type ranging from lasers, rockets and towers that will slow the enemy’s progress. There are 6 different enemy types and four of them are weak to certain towers that the player possesses. This is where the strategy of tower placement comes into play. The lasers are effective against the green enemies but are weak against the red enemies. Not only that but the other towers also have weaknesses and strengths as well. This game really makes you think about what towers to put down and when. The enemies come in waves of twenty, so you need to make sure you have enough towers to defend against the specific types. Keep in mind though that you also have to watch out for having too many of the same tower. All of this sounds simple enough but when you get around level 40 or so, you really start to feel the pressure of the choices you make. To make this game a little more interesting, Vector TD has a power up system that allows you to choose between making the towers more powerful, having longer range or whether to get more money per units destroyed.

Vector TD is a very fun and addictive game that has caused me to return to it multiple times a day for the simple fact that I hate losing in games and this game is difficult. It’s very enjoyable but chances are, players will be doing a lot of losing like I did. I am a fan of the simple graphics and rhythm of the music in the game. For a whopping 4 dollars, you too can get a taste of this simple but addictive game. 

Verdict: 75%

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Vector TD: Gameplay up to level 37

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