Want a Headstart in God of War: Ascension?

-Marcus Lawrence

God of War: Ascension doesn’t hit shelves until March but there is a way for gamers to satisfy their cravings for GOW. Players can now earn XP towards Ascension by playing God of War: Rise of the Warrior. This graphic novel adventure offers three rewards to those that partake in the event:

  1. A prequel story that ties into Ascension’s plot
  2. Gives you the chance to earn XP, armor and weapons for the game
  3. Grants everyone access to the Ascension beta that will arrive in a few months.

To be granted access to the beta, all you have to do is play through Rise of the Warrior and share details through your Facebook, Twitter and/or other social accounts.

To begin your adventure, make sure you go to godofwar.com.