What are you looking forward to most at E3 2012?

-Jovan St. Lawrence

I want to see many things at E3 this year. I’m really interested in what Microsoft has in store for us considering their only main exclusives this year are Halo 4 and Forza Horizon. I have been on the fence about buying a Kinect and while the technology is great, the software isn’t. I’m looking to see if Microsoft can finally reveal a hardcore Kinect game for all to enjoy. Being the Nintendo fanboy that I am, I really need to be wowed with the Wii U. Although, I think it is a good console and a good step for Nintendo already, they still need a successful launch of games. The 3DS didn’t have one and hopefully they’ve learned their lesson from that. Their getting great third party support for the Wii U however so I’m glad to see them going out of their comfort zone, which they hardly ever do. Other than that, I’m looking forward to seeing Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Halo 4, Overstrike, Quantic Dream’s new game, not Black Ops II, hopefully Beyond Good & Evil 2, and maybe Rainbow 6 Patriots and a new Splinter Cell game will be shown off as well. Last but not least, I’m looking forward to not seeing the return of Mr. Caffeine.

-Marcus Lawrence

Thing I’m most looking forward to at this year’s E3 convention would be Quantic Dream’s new game. It will be revealed at some point during E3 and honestly, that’s has me more hyped than anything else. Yes, there will be new console info but that’s not really something I’m interested in. Especially since I think the current systems have plenty of life in them

But back to this new game, I loved playing Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. I’d even go as far to say that those two are part of my top 50 games. Add into the equation of Quantic Dream’s demo of “Kara” and I’m ready for anything they can bring. I’ve never been let down before with them and I doubt I ever will.

-Greg Livingston

It was hard coming up with a good answer for this question, since I don’t really keep up with gaming news. One piece that recently caught my attention, though, was the rumor of Retro Studios working on a Metroid/Starfox crossover.

Supposedly, the rumor has been debunked, and I hope it stays that way. However, I am interested to see where Retro Studios goes next. Even through some pretty big changes in staff, they’ve put out solid reboots of two Nintendo franchises.

It would be neat to see Retro try something new. With the Metroid Prime series and Donkey Kong Country Returns, Retro was able to take some core aspects of the original franchises and reinterpret them for a new generation. I’d like to see how Retro does without a franchise to start from—to build something from scratch.

-Geoff Barry

This year’s E3, like always, will be very exciting. What I’m looking forward to hearing about the most is Assassin’s Creed III. Ubisoft will have my undivided attention for sure. But I also am going to be looking for info on Black Ops 2, RE: 6, TF: Fall of Cybertron, and Bethesda’s Dishonored. It’s not likely, but maybe we’ll learn of the plans for the new Xbox and Playstation 4.

-Samer Farag

I’m hopeful for new information on the Wii U, such as pricing, native apps, and the like. Also, while there’s a large amount of third party support, there’s no concrete stuff coming from Nintendo. I’d like more of that. 

I’d also like to see something on the Last Guardian. What’s taking so long?

And lastly, while this is a stretch, a new Zelda announcement for the 3DS, be it new title or Majora’s Mask remake.

-Phoenix Robbins

Quantic Dream’s next game and more info about the following: GTA V, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, and God of War: Ascension.

-Keith Michael

The thing that I am most anticipating for this years E3 is Nintendo. I want the big N to pull their head out of their buts, I have been a huge Nintendo Fan my entire life and it is a little sad to see them lose focus like they have. I am really looking forward to some information about Pikmin, Zelda 3DS and hopefully some word on a 3D Pokemon game and maybe some Smash Bros. information, though I doubt that will happen. I am also pretty pumped for Halo 4 and I want Sony to change my mind about the new God of War game.

-Eric Lee Lewis

E3 is the biggest week in gaming. This is where all of the news about the games we are going to be playing for the next year comes out. This year I am particularly interested in seeing more on WWE ‘13, Hitman: Absolution, today’s announced DC Comics fighter; Injustice, and maybe some information on the next gen consoles.