What Empty Wallet Gamer Means to Me

-Eric Lee Lewis

I know that it has been mentioned before that I used to be a musician. I have always written songs up until last year. I loved having a microphone in my hand and getting out everything that was on my mind, as you can see here. My passion for music was always second to none. Musicians in my area always claimed the same, but never followed through. I simply got tired of the lack of wanting to move forward. Add another tally to my fail list.

Failure is something I have always known so well. After I quit music, I made THE Empty Wallet Gamer. It was never meant to go anywhere. It was simply my way of having a backlog of what I could do and I may one day have my dream job of working at IGN. Sure, I always knew this was hard work. I had never realized just how hard. After a couple of articles, 2 others approached me about writing for THE Empty Wallet Gamer. After some thought, I decided to allow it and we became Empty Wallet Gamer. I fell in love with how hard this was to maintain.

At this point in my life, I spend most of my time thinking about how we move forward. Not only that, I try to think of how to keep my whole crew happy. Let me tell you, it is hard to keep 9 other guys happy. Everybody on this crew has a different personality and we mesh well. I am so proud of who we are and who we have become. Like anything else, there are snags and ripples. 

Today I got to do something that I considered a huge honor; I got to present an award on Mail Order Zombie . While I should be happy, circumstances get in the way of that and I can fully accept that. It comes with the territory. Let alone the tumultuous stress that I have been going through with this project, I just want to move Empty Wallet gamer forward. 

We do this to help anybody that games to save their cash and know what our opinions are. Sure, like any other place, we will run into backhanded comments and I expect this, but I made a mistake of commenting back. I promise, in future posts, I will not comment back. 

I keep a schedule for what days each writer needs to have their article in. I do not make any money doing this. Would we like to? Of course. My crew puts in a lot of hard work and I appreciate it with all of my heart.  Sometimes the EWG staff has issues getting their stuff in on time. We all have other lives. Some of us even have other tumblr projects where we get things off of our chests. Also, we do things that others on the Empty Wallet Gamer crew don’t like. This is the same situation in life in general. 

While some of us want to do this for a living, others want to be in the law system, own their own businesses, want something to do with sports, and work in the industry in the vein of creating games. We all have different backgrounds, but we have come together to do this for everyone that lays eyes on EWG. Some of us even have full-time jobs and are full-time students, yet still manage to do this. 

I couldn’t be any more appreciative of what this crew does and what we have in store in 2012 and the years to come. Empty Wallet Gamer means more to me than anything. Some of the crew will be gone from EWG at some point and it will be tough, but we will press on. This is one thing that I will not allow to fail. 

Empty Wallet Gamer has become my life. I am glad to share it with everyone one of you, readers and crew alike.