What is your favorite game soundtrack?

-Phoenix Robbins

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This game allows you to change “radio stations” while you’re in your car and the soundtrack provides a wide range of choices. With artists like Kool & the Gang , Rick James, Buju Banton, James Brown, NWA, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against the Machine, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, you’re bound to find a “radio station” you enjoy.

-Jovan St. Lawrence

One of my favorite original soundtracks would have to be Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption. This game has one of the most influential and dynamic soundtracks in video games. The in-game music really immerses you in the open world and gives such a rich, authentic, and realistic feel as to where you are and what you’re doing in the world. My favorite track in the game is the song “Far Away” by Jose Gonzalez. As you enter Mexico for the first time in the game, this song adds atmosphere to a turning point in the game. Many other key parts in the story are conveyed brilliantly due to the epic and appropriate soundtrack. Truly, one of the greatest pieces of in-game music to listen to.

-Samer Farag

My favorite soundtrack would be that of Ocarina of Time. This is for two distinct reasons: Firstly, the music in the game is memorable, catchy, and had an emotional impact, nostalgic or otherwise. This is of course important for any musical piece. However, what makes this soundtrack striking is it’s usage as an actual gameplay tool, by playing the ocarina. Playing songs let you manipulate time, teleport, control the weather, and even summon scarecrows. To date, I’ve yet to see a game that uses a soundtrack in such an inventive way, minus those that inhibit synesthetic experiences such as Rez and Child of Eden. 

A runner up would go to Bastion, simply for the awesome Arab/Western mash-up vibe it inhibited.

-Gregory Livingston

In Metroid, Brinstar is your home base. It’s where you start the game, it’s where you go after you’ve beaten one boss and you’re on your way to another, and it’s your last stop before hitting Tourian, the game’s final area. So, it’s only fitting that the tune for Brinstar is triumphant. It gets you pumped at the start of the game, it marks your victory over Kraid or Ridley, and it prepares you for the onslaught you’ll face in Tourian. The 8-bit toms play a marching beat as you march into enemy territory and emerge victorious.

The rest of Metroid’s soundtrack is just as fitting. Upon encountering statues of the extinct Chozo, you hear an empty, mysterious tune. In Tourian, the enemy’s base of operations, you’ll find a chaotic track that puts you ill at ease using its wildly fluctuating background channel. I could go on about each individual track in Metroid.

It all culminates in a tune that mixes triumph and fear. After you defeat the final boss, a time bomb is set; you must escape Tourian before it explodes. The accompanying music roams back and forth between two modes: one verse celebrates the final boss’ defeat, while the next notes that you may lose your life if you don’t high-tail it out of there.

-Marcus Lawrence

Favorite soundtrack… I first thought I was going to say something along the lines of Final Fantasy VII. However, I found myself thinking of a game that only just came out about a year or so. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is just a XBLA and PSN game that came out along with the theatrical release.

For a game that beats you down and forces you to replay the same levels, the music made the ride much more enjoyable. From level one all the way to the very end of the game, I found myself humming each track. Some of my favorites come from boss fights like Negascott or when you fight Lucas Lee. I even went so far as to download the entire soundtrack onto my Ipod. Not something I do on a daily basis mind you.

-Geoff Barry

My favorite soundtrack from a video game comes from NHL 2004. I still listen to the songs today, and even though I played the game all day and night at times, the tracks never got old. With groups like Alien Ant Farm, Bowling for Soup, Brand New, Deftones, and Jet it’s a soundtrack that I’ve never forgotten. The new games don’t have even half the songs that could compare to this title. The music even inspired one of my opinion pieces. If you look up Adema and read through my “Co-Dependent” article, you’ll be surprised.

-Eric Lee Lewis

Usually I do not notice a game soundtrack unless a game just isn’t captivating me. There are few games where the soundtrack REALLY matters. Hell, a game soundtrack really stands out to me in an open world game though. What better open world game than Saints Row: The Third. Saints 3 introduced me to an amazing house music/dubstep artist named Grum all while further cementing my love for Tyler, The Creator. Add in radio stations with every kind of music and you have a winner. This game’s soundtrack is one of my favorite playlists on Spotify Also, what beats an [Adult Swim] radio station hosted by John from Delocated? Actually, allow me to answer this question with a resounding NOTHING.

Would you kindly tell us what your favorite game soundtrack is?