What is your favorite gaming moment?

Welcome to a new feature on Empty Wallet Gamer, where we ask a question, get some responses from the EWG crew, and get some of your answers too!  This week’s question: What is your favorite gaming moment?

Eric Lee Lewis -

Favorite Gaming Moment: Playing as Sparda in Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry has long been my favorite game series.  From the story to the characters involved, the series is extraordinary.  In the beginning of Devil May Cry, we learn about a demon named Sparda who rebelled against his own race.  With his sword he closed the portal that allowed demons to cross over into the human world, leaving himself trapped in Hell.  Luckily, he fell in love while in the human world and had two children.  This is just a little back story.

This story was shared in DMC 1 and 2, but it wasn’t until DMC 3 that we got to play as the man himself - Sparda.  This was only made possible by beating Devil May Cry 3 on the hardest difficulty, but damn was it worth it for a die-hard Devil May Cry fan.  I hadn’t even known at first that this was an unlock.  When I saw it I immediately freaked out and started DMC 3 all over again.  Sparda looked suave in his purple jacket and monocle.  Though he had Dante’s recycled fighting style, Sparda’s “devil trigger” was the same as we had seen in the opening video of the first game in the series.  DMC fans can forever rejoice in the amazingness that is playing as Sparda…Sparda.

Shawn Trautman -

My favorite gaming moment comes from the PS2 classic, IcoThis is a serious spoiler for the game, so if you ever want to play it (and you should), avert your eyes.  The entire game is spent attempting to escape a castle in which you and your companion, Yorda, are trapped.  She helps you, you protect her, and the two of you build a powerful, silent relationship over hours of literal and figurative hand-holding.

The moment in question comes when you have finally escaped the main gates of the island castle, and are walking on the bridge that leads to solid ground.  Suddenly, the bridge splits and retracts, with you on the side of freedom and Yorda on the side of the castle.  When you regain control over your character, the gulf between the two sides of the bridge already seems far too long a jump for you to make, but most players (myself included, but not my wife) run immediately back to Yorda, and make what looks like an impossible jump to get back to her.  This is amazing because you were out, you were free.  You could have left this strange girl behind and completed your main objective: escape.  But the game, through its mechanics, created such a powerful attachment between the two characters as to make the player make a suicidal decision, despite your own self-interest.  This is brilliant game design, and my favorite gaming moment (so far).

Samer Farag -

This was difficult to narrow down to one at first, but after perusing through my game library it suddenly hit me.  My favorite moment in gaming comes from Metal Gear Solid 4.  You’re in a raging blizzard, escaping mechs and trying to keep warm, all the while waiting for the inevitable moment.  Then, you crest that final hill, and “The Best is Yet to Come” begins to play as you finally see Shadow Moses, for the first time in years, redefined in HD glory.  Everything has come full circle, and you finally realize: Metal Gear Solid is actually ending, after all these years.

Then you shed one manly tear, and push forward to kick some Ocelot ass, yo.

Calvin Tomlinson -

It’s a really difficult thing to do, choose your favourite gaming moment.  Almost all of my free time is spent gaming in some way, shape or form, even when I’m not gaming I’m reading about games or the community.  That being said there is one moment that will always stick in my head (Before you all think it, it’s not running around in Saint’s Row 3 bashing people with the Penetrator).  It was a moment, in one of the games that started it all for me, Pokemon Blue.  That moment where my team of ragtag Pokemon had become the best, I’d been playing the game for days on end and I finally beat the Elite Four, only for Gary to come and rub it in my face that he’d beaten them first.  That was it, this battle was serious, and although it only lasted a few minutes it felt like a battle of the ages.  It was me against him just like when we started our journey, and once again it ended in my success. Professor Oak congratulated me and it felt so good, seeing my team flash up in the hall of fame.  I really felt as though I had achieved something, and it was that feeling that made me go on to play more and more games.

We might all have different favourite games, and favourite moments, but I know it’s that feeling of success that makes us all keep going back again and again.

So, what about you?  What’s your favorite gaming moment?